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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by mesohornedfrog, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Anyone on here have a subscription to this site? They have some excellent writers and a ton of content for a new site, plus the added benefit of no ads or video stories that ESPN lives off of now a days.

    I've enjoyed it so far, with a couple articles on TCU in the past couple weeks, just curious if anyone else has tried it out.
  2. I follow them on twitter but haven't paid up for a subscription. Looks like it would be solid though just from what I've seen from the free articles and stuff they tweet.
  3. I enrolled with the pre-launch price of like 3.99 per month. So far I like it. I wish they would have a few more articles per day, but the content itself is good. I really enjoyed the TCU article they posted this morning talking about stop rates.

    The thing I love the most is the sleek and easy to read website. No ads. No auto-play videos. Black and white text with easy to navigate layout. I would recommend that all college football fans at least give it a chance for a couple months. It is definitely worth the $4 a month.
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    I had considered it....and if it weren't for the twitter feeds of some of the writers they've hired, I probably would've at least given it a try.
  5. I liked that too, good stuff. Looking forward to them adding college hoops coverage in a couple months and hopefully eventually getting a Metroplex dedicated page like some of the other big cities have currently. Should provide a bunch of good content for all the local teams
  6. Who are the writers?
  7. I subscribed. Lots of great articles. I was a bit disappointed they don't have a DFW beat contributor yet.

    The price of my subscription is warranted just by reading "Dear Faux Pelini" every Friday. Genius!

    Here is the first week's version. After this one you have to pay. Enjoy!


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