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OT: How much playing time it took other NFL quarterbacks to make Purdy's 2023 salary


Lifelong Frog
Purdy's contract for this year is $870,000. Some college QBs made more.

He is in his second year and was a 262nd pick in 2022.

Here is how long some other NFL quarterbacks had to play in a game this year to make Purdy's salary:

11 minutes -- Ravens' Lamar Jackson ($80M)
16 minutes -- Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes ($59.4M)
19 minutes -- Giants Daniel Jones and Browns' Deshaun Watson ($46M)
24 minutes -- Bengals' Joe Burrow ($45.5M)
29 minutes -- Cowboys' Dak Prescott ($31 million)
30 minutes -- Saints' Derek Carr and Vikings' Kirk Cousins ($30M)
32 minutes -- Bills' Josh Allen and Broncos' Russell Wilson ($28M)

And so on ....