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OT but pretty cool!

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by kidkarr, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. I saw the updates from FWFD. They ordered a new rig for fire station 21 “fire frogs”. It is outfitted with purple trim!

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  2. Really cool Ralph Diamond was a walk-on WR at TCU 95-98..He is now Battalion Chief with FWFD..Great guy and a huge Frog fan
  3. Is 21 the fire house across from Westcliff shopping center?
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  4. Big fan of trim, here.
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  5. Yes
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  6. They need to add "Kyle Hicks" under the '21' somewhere.
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  7. Also LT’s number with the Chargers.
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  8. When my kids were little we used to buy a dozen doughnuts across the street and bring them to the fire station. The firefighters always let the kids try on boots, etc. and get into a truck. Great memories.
  9. Every quarter(ish), I smoke up a bunch of whatever blows my skirt up and deliver it to the local fire station (#38 in my case). Brisket, pulled pork, turkeys, ribs (pork and/or beef), chickens...it doesn't matter. They always seem to appreciate it and no one ever complains because it isn't Kosher or Ramadanish (?). I'll include sides of beans (sometimes smoked as well), kickin' collards, roasted potatoes, or whatever.

    I mention this periodically, not for any recognition, but I'd love to see others here do the same for their local first responder units. Doesn't matter if it's a fire station or a police station, it's just a cool thing to do.

    Thanks for doing what you did, Frog Wild. Just because your kids are grown doesn't mean that you or your kids have to stop.
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  10. We are blessed with great guys in our stations. The oldest continually operating station in Fort Worth is #18 at Carleton and Camp Bowie, 96 years old. They host an annual community bbq, complete with iced down beer, live music, the mayor, station open to tour. Maybe done at all the stations but great fun to attend.

  11. Was going to say that they should have put #5 on it instead.
  12. Pretty cool, but someone needs to give them a stencil with the TCU number font for their 21...
  13. Grew up getting doughnuts every Friday there when I was a kid. Was pissed when someone drove thru that corner of the building
  14. In fairness, the sign DID say "Drive -Thru."
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