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OT: Big V Goes To A Houston Chiropractor

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ThisIsOurTime, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. glad to see it wasn't one of the ummm....chiropractors down on harwin with the windows covered with aluminum foil.
  2. Knew a guy that played TE for LSU under Cholly Mac who swore by chiroquackers until his leg went numb for a couple of weeks after a visit...
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  3. Been going to a chiropractor for 4 years. Best thing I ever did.
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  4. Good ones are a godsend for many people. But just like plumbers, engineers, electricians, doctors, and KFC posters....there's good and bad and all levels in between. I was recently told by both a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic specialist that it was a very good thing that I did not visit a chiropractor before having a complete workup including MRI's. Told by both that a good chiropractor would have insisted on this while some that were not as thorough and conservative would have done pretty severe and lasting damage.
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  5. If you’re over 5’10, chiropractors should be covered by insurance, and visited every other month.
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  6. Interesting. For some reason, you would have striked me as a "chiropractors are a gimmick" kind of guy.

    I've never been to a chiropractor before, but I've always heard more negatives than positives. Please feel free to expound on your experience.

    FWIW, I fractured my back in 8th grade and have dealt with some degree of back pain ever since, but since graduating high school the pain has been tolerable enough that I haven't actively sought after any kind of medical help (outside of few things here and there like trying Airrosti which wasn't that helpful).
  7. I have recurring disc/nerve issues in my neck that cause weakness in my right arm and stabbing pain behind my shoulder blade (almost impossible to sleep). The guy I go to was strongly recommended to me by two people fighting similar back issues so I gave him a try about 4 years ago. He took an X-ray and showed me where I was out of alignment and explained how an adjustment could address it. He also gave me information on what a back specialist would recommend and even gave me the names of a few doctors that he has worked with should I choose that route (made me feel like he was very honest and open minded). I’ve had a previous lower back surgery and have zero interest in ever having my spine operated on again if possible...... so 5 minutes and one adjustment later and I was instantly hooked. I go back about every two months for a preventative maintenance type tune up even when I don’t have symptoms. Insurance won’t cover it but it’s $40 so I can live with that. I am certain there are certain back issues that a chiropractor would not be the answer for and I’m also certain that there ARE chiropractors that are gimmicks (if not worse). Like anything else, do your research and find the right person.
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  8. where exactly on harwin is this establishment? new to town and just wanting to learn the exact location of places to avoid.

    operating hours and prices would be good too, if you know them.
  9. I've been to more good ones than bad ones. In fact, I've probably seen close to 10 chiropractors in my life (moved a lot with the Army) and the only bad one I've been to was here at the VA. The others ranged from good to great.

    My L5/S1 is pretty well squished to nothing, the L4/L5 is about half its original thickness, and the other lumbar discs have bulging. I also have arthritis throughout the lumbar spine. If I don't see a chiropractor every 2-3 weeks I'll have to go 2-3 times a week for a few weeks just to be able to sit down without pain. It's gotten so bad a few times that putting one foot in front of the other would take me to the floor.

    I highly recommend good chiropractors.
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  10. A bad chiropractor can kill you but a good one will save your life. Most guys I know with debilitating back/neck pain will try damn near anything for some relief. For those guys a good Chiropractor is a no brainer.
  11. That dude's voice and laugh HAS to be fake, right?

    Some of his other "crack addict" vids of him doing adjustments on hot chicks in yoga pants aren't terrible...
  12. Going to a real doctor to fix it might be even better.
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    almost identical problem, except left shoulder and arm. got complete pain elimination and substantial arm/grip strength restoration from chiropractic care.
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  14. The difference in the two is surgery vs no surgery. Having back surgery is no joke so I’ll forever look for alternatives having gone through that already. The guy who did my back surgery basically told me that surgery should almost always be your last option when nothing else works.
  15. One requires return after return, the other fixes it. Had L4-5 with bone graft and hardware. Wasn’t that bad and was up and walking that afternoon after surgery. The difference is like having a an old fan belt popped back on versus just getting a new one.
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    I know, I know...the rules...

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  17. Same can be said about a medical doctor as well. There are hacks in every industry.
  18. I believe as well. Freshman year of college coming into basketball season I missed significant time with debilitating shin splints. Sounds ridiculous, but running on hardwood became impossible. I was doing everything the training staff asked me to do, saw several doctors, PT, nothing was helping.

    Went home on a long weekend and had a pinched nerve in my neck. Went to see my chiropractor I saw fairly regularly in high school. He was working my pinched nerve, and asked if I had any other issues. Mentioned my shin splints not thinking he could help.

    Asked me to stand up, looked at my ankles and how my alignment was from knees down to how my feet set on the ground. He torqued on my ankles, popped them just like my neck. In a matter of days I felt relief. I was a true believer from then on. There is definitely a place for chiropractors.
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  19. Yeah, I’ve had L4/L5 back surgery. It will forever be a last resort for me. Also worth noting that a chiropractor couldn’t do anything to make what you had go away. What I go for now is a simple 5 minute adjustment about every two months. Like I said chiropractors are great for some things and borderline useless/dangerous for others.

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