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Opening Line vs. Texas Tech

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Oct 7, 2018.

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    Won't be surprised if we don't see a line until Thursday with the QB injuries.
  2. That sounds about right.
  3. I don't like this game... If the same knuckleheads come out of the tunnel on Thursday night, we lose. If they actually refocused and soul searched this bye week, we roll the Tech Turkeys back to Lubbock.
  4. Looks like the legit casinos finally set an opening line at TCU -7.5

    The -8.5 point line was some offshore books.
  5. I'll take TCU -54.5
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. juice?
  8. Only my friends call me that. You can call me OJ.
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  9. I just don’t see how TCU is favored in this game.
  10. Really?

    What the heck has Texas Tech done in recent history to suggest that they should be favored in this game? I imagine Tech will finish about 6-6 (like they almost always do). When was the last time we were underdogs at home to that type of team?
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  11. Some people lose sight of what this team is very easily. Anyone that thinks we are closer to being an under dog to TT than we are to beating Ohio State isn’t paying attention.
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  12. I think a big part of it is generally people think that teams that win 62-48 or lose 55-41 are better than teams that win 17-10 or lose 24-16. Tech might be a little better than expected this year but that doesn't mean they are a good team.
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  13. 50's and clear

    I don't care about the opening line, I am just looking forward to a pleasant night of football!
  14. Have you seen Tech play? If you don't think they have just as many issues as TCU has (or more) then I'm guessing you probably haven't seen them. Most of their issues are just on a different side of the ball from ours.
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  15. depends on the offensive scheme. Especially in the red zone. We need players to step up and take over. SR or MC will need to start saying "forget the line concerns, I'm owning this [ann richards] right here and now."

    DA and Sewo need to be hungry.

    Just like in Austin, Frogs SHOULD win this game. Part of being a good team is not making the mistakes that have taken the Frogs out.
  16. for perspective, iowa state scored a lot more against the pokes than they did the Frogs.

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