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One more week to Colonial!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. First PGA full tournament since March 8!

    Hope the weather holds for another week. If it does it should be a tough fast track (unless the PGA wimps out and cuts the rough at 1").

    Hoping for dry, warm, windy weather.
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  2. Should we expect any last minute additions to the field or is it set?
  3. Could’ve had at least 50% capacity if they had been able to wait on the decision or if the governor had published a timeline before hand.
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  4. Maybe. But still would have been a logistical nightmare. More than 50% of tickets/badges go to corporates/members. Would have to make cuts. There would be losers.

    This will be fun to watch on television and fun for the players.

    We'll all be back on the course next year.
  5. Based on what I have seen on the news the last few days, Colonial needs to allow spectators. Or is COVID a thing again?
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  6. it’s a much bigger undertaking to host 100k+ people for a 4 day event than you are realizing. the decision to host fans or not had to be made at least a month ago from a logistics standpoint.

    like all things CV related - the pga made the best choice they could at the time.
  7. It’s too late logistically for that to happen
  8. yep. Grandstands are built a month in advance. Plus no roping off of other areas.

    Because of this decision early on there have been few carts allowed on the course, Minimal construction crews for only small TV towers. Because of this the course looks spectacular. Best I've seen it.

  9. The course is roped off for galleries. Drove by yesterday.

    wonder how the city would feel about me sitting on a ladder outside the fence on 4.
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  10. The grass isn’t the best part of the Colonial

  11. Yeah, the orders for grandstands, much less the erecting of them, was cancelled a while back. Having SRO would be a disaster.

    It isnweird driving by and seeing PGA and tv trucks and sponsor signage on the course but no grandstands.

    It sucks but our company will be saving about 35k this year by not getting a tent. Maybe they can now afford that nominal raise I've been asking for.
  12. From what I've seen we just need to plan a protest, protesters gain access to anything.
  13. Why would SRO be a disaster? Even if they had limited attendance I’d think that’s better than zero? tell people that they have no amenities other than water and porta-potty given the circumstances, but up to 1,000 can attend? Seems easy to do.
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  14. The first people allowed would be Charles Schwab guests and Colonial members. Wouldn’t do a lot for the general public to have limited fans.
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  15. Saw Colonial's corporate sales guy at a bar today yucking it up with a group of folks. He seemed pretty jovial so they can't be hurting too much. Also saw a few peoplenat other tables with Charles Schwab hats and bags. Maybe some event today for the volunteers.
  16. Well, up to 1000 sure. I'm talking about 10s of thousands.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Which I would be fine with. And i am no longer a member.
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  19. That decision would have to have been made 8+ weeks ago

    it takes the club months to get all those stands up, ropes setup, volunteers trained and uniformed, security setup, etc

    that is why they decided the first events are crowd free regardless of current rules
  20. Would you be ok with that if the 1000 were all members?

    because the membership isn’t allowed to attend either and we have well more than 1000 members counting social members

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