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On3: TCU 4-star QB Ty Hawkins begins SMU official visit tonight


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TCU 4-star QB Ty Hawkins begins SMU official visit tonight​

Story by Collin Ginnan


San Antonio Claudia Taylor Johnson four-star quarterback Ty Hawkins has been committed to TCU since last June, but other programs have yet to give up on his recruitment. One such program is in-state program and TCU rival, SMU.

Hawkins told On3’s Chad Simmons that he will take an official visit to Southern Methodist beginning this evening. The visit will stretch through Wednesday.

He told On3 this week that it would be “pretty hard” to get him to change his mind about his commitment to TCU, but Hawkins will still hear the other schools out.

Read more at https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ot...begins-smu-official-visit-tonight/ar-BB1nYLU0


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Weird. I know that guys can have success at any number of schools but I hope he sticks it out here.

I suppose they could try to NIL- whip him, and when Dykes was at SMU there was a car for QB performance arguing for the Ponies but I think that the campus, facilities, on-field performance and many other things favor TCU.

Make it TCU, Ty! You won't ever regret it.