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On why Texas a$m is a Flaky program

Discussion in 'The Whine Cellar Forum' started by Jonathon Beritiech, May 6, 2017.

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  2. I will not argue the conclusion because it is truth. But I am always a bit suspicious of the motivations when people start picking starting dates (like 1999 for instance) to bolster their conclusions. And yet it got me to read it so it worked and I start from the premise that the conclusion is correct in this case.
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  3. Its Just the season after the Big 12 Championship title. Also if you notice TCU has been the most consistent program
  4. Football didn't begin until 2011. This is known. #yungbrand
  5. Good luck with the site, I like the domain name. Pretty clever.
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  6. I like the name but I really appreciate the "cleanliness" of the site and crispness of the articles. I do have a question because this came up when Mrs Pharm and I were watching something about how MMA fighters beat the crap out of their wives and girlfriends and someone called War Machine was profiled. Some of those fighters were seriously unhinged people and not the kind of unhinged that is scripted IMO.

    They kept mentioning some organization called Belator. At first I thought this was like a gym that trained MMA fighters and then got confused about what it is. I see that your menu differentiates MMA from Belator. So I'm guessing that its a different league or level of fighting? Mrs Pharm really likes the MMA thing. Personally I could take it or leave it. She was always a Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal, JCVD movie fan.
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  7. Belator is a different promotion, IMO They are up what the WCW was to the WWF back when. They put together fights the UFC would never dream of doing just for the shock and aw factor
  8. Pharm Frog thank you for the kind words as well we really appreciate it !!!
  9. Not the biggest TCU football follower but how does the team look for this year? Would rather take fans opinion on here than some other source
  10. Mrs. Pharm sounds like quite a gal. I got a feeling you have to watch yourself with her...she just might whip your ass! :)
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  11. BIG Thank you to everyone for the positive feed back for our story and site we really appreciate it. TCU Football story in the works !!
  12. Maybe I missed something, but was the whole story just the handful of stats and about 7 sentences?
  13. "while as" should be whereas. Sorry to be grammar police but that is a pretty simple catch and if you're going to publish and want respect, it needs to be well written as well as insightful.
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  14. feed back good and bad appreciated
  15. Not trying to be critical, just wondering if there was a "more" button I missed.

    If not, I do think a little more content might be good. For example, add some details about how they have had high draft picks, good recruiting classes, a coaching staff as well-paid as anyone outside of Tuscaloosa, yet can't muster (pun intended) enough wins to be a consistent Top-25 program. Also, just to cut the SEC SEC SEC off at the pass, maybe compare their Big 12 record over that span to their SEC record to see how that pans out. *Spoiler alert, their 1st 5 years in that gauntlet of an SEC West has yielded more wins than their last 5 in that weak B12...
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  16. i really like the insight and suggestions we are here for fans like you anything we can do to get better that's what we will work at
    thank you Double V
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  17. Yeah if I maybe, you lay out the "what" quite well: Texas A&M's record and Top 25 performance since 1999 isn't as good as some other Texas programs, but you don't really get in to the "why". What happened? Coaching? Recruiting? Competition? Academics? Institutional support? Combination of these? Something else?

    You've got a good start with the objective stuff, but there's no analysis or opinion to take it to the next level.

    Good luck.
  18. *if I may
  19. Not enough Aggy jokes.
  20. The why is simple, it's called Aggieness. The place must've been established on a ancient burial ground that emits a bad juju for all eternity resulting Aggieness.

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