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OKST LB tests positive

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by robbroyy, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Here comes the over reactions... calling it now
  2. Well what do you expect? He will be fine and test negative in 14 days and will be allowed back.
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  3. I’m more interested in the extent to which Okie Lite will follow its own recently published directives on positive COVID tests. I’m told by people who should know that the contact tracing part of their protocol could knock out a significant part of the team for the next 14 days. Also being told that several players are already lying about their proximity to AO at the protest.
  4. Soooo what happens when a player tests positive during the season? Can’t really lie about not being around teammates. Dumb.
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  5. LOL

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  6. If one positive test is gonna knock out everyone who was near him for 2 weeks then there's no point in attempting to play even one game let alone an entire season.
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  7. I posted the school’s COVID protocol for athletes in another thread and spoke directly with someone “very close” to the program. AND I agree with you. AND there are some people in positions to make decisions that want no part in making decisions as to who is cleared do stuff, who cannot, and for how long. Kabuki theater.
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  8. Meanwhile sports leagues in other countries have started back up and are dealing with this almost flawlessly.
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  9. Agree with that.

    This what I said a few weeks ago, test a team once week. Anybody that tests positive goes in 14 day quarantine, not the whole team. Could lose a key contributor or two for two weeks, but better this way, than no season.
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  10. Testing should happen immediately following each game. That way the 14 day quarantine would start on that game day, thus the last day of quarantine would be a Friday. They would only miss one game.
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  11. Or....we could simply admit that this type of test sequencing is pretty darn dumb and we could test the symptomatics PRN.
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  12. Obviously hoping he’s okay - and tbh, better this happen in early June so we have a test case on what it looks like, experience from a logistical standpoint, and people just knowing it is going to happen, rather than going into August blind.
  13. And it could turn out to give Okie Lite a competitive advantage over some teams if it inoculates the team early.
  14. Good grief. There are thousands of athletes and football players therefore there have been thousands of exposures. Pretty much everyone has been exposed at this point. Let us know if he actually gets ill or has severe symptoms.
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  15. We play in a league with Texas Tech. COVID exposure is nothing.
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  16. You are heartless to suggest he must get ill or have severe symptoms for you to care. Must flatten the curve in Stillwater and quarantine Tulsa stat.
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  17. Almost everyone has the antibodies at this point. BFD. Someone tests positive. Thanks to more testing more positive cases are being reported. #SHUTITDOWN
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  18. Sooo see if Steel has this right.

    local/state executive orders still prohibit public gatherings unless they meet certain guidelines. And you want a permit to peacefully demonstrate for hundreds of people without following such guidelines? Sure where do I sign!
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  19. Poor guy. He only has an approximately 99.95% chance of surviving.
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