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Official Coaching Search Thread….

Obvious Troll

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Former Memphis Coach. I might have his name or the school name slightly askew.
Blame it on the euphoria from beating KANSAS!!!!!



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I guess I’m failing to see who the home run hire was/is supposed to be.

Peterson, I guess? That seemed like a long shot and it’s not looking like he’s coming out of retirement for any of the other jobs.

Kellen Moore? He’s killing it as an OC in the NFL for one of the biggest brands in the world. Again, not seeing him leaving to coach tcu or any other CFB job opening.

Campbell? Seems like he’s staying at ISU. And given his performance this year with a team that had high expectations he doesn’t seem home run.

Napier? Why is he considered a home run?

Sanders? Um, okay…

The coaching pool this cycle doesn’t seem too deep and the candidates that are truly available (ie not Peterson and Moore) all seem about the same.
Not sure why Moore is so “ sexy”. He’s the OC but has receivers that make him look good. I’ll pass on him as well.


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Well at least when Dykes gets to TCU he won’t have to worry about figuring out how to beat Houston or Cincy….huh…what’s that? They’re both coming to the Big 12…he still has to try and beat them….well scheiss.

And just to clarify I have no better alternative since the obvious ones either all said no and/or this is the worlds worst search committee ever assembled.

And if it is as it appears and Dykes is the guy I’ll 100% get behind it and hope he proves any and all detractors wrong in a big way…including myself.


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Louisiana just beat the crap out of a good Liberty team today, 42-14, and Liberty was favored at +3.5. Just sayin' for all of those on the Billy Napier bandwagon.

I want him for the opportunity to increase recruiting in LA, along with TX. Rumor is that Va Tech is shopping him pretty hard though, so we have competition.