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Of Duggan and Cumbie

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wilson912, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. In Duggan we must trust. Short of Cumbie being fired tonight, Duggan is the starter going forward. Gotta hope his progression/improvement continues. The second half gave us hope. You can see he has the tools but, if Collins or JR are ready/healthy, they may merit consideration.

    Gary is the boss. He’s has the right to have folks under him that he trusts/is comfortable with. So maybe he should part ways with SC if he’s not happy with him. Problem is there’s nobody waiting in the wings. Rusty and Jarrett probably should have been replaced with other up and comers instead of being retained.

    Fans. Support this team! There is still a lotta upside here. Why so many empty seats in the stadium? Go Frogs!
  2. No trust in Duggan at all. People keep saying he is the future but the game is too much for him now and who knows when he will catch up. Ridiculously poor stats through 3 games now against the weakest part of the schedule.

    Worst QB play in over 5o years easily
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  3. I really don’t understand how we have anointed MD.

    He is 23-56 the last 2 games.

    Let’s stop pretending that we have Tom Brady at quarterback. Our defensive guru of a coach should be able to stop a Group of 5 offense.
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  4. I’ve seen significantly worse and I’ve followed Frog football for just shy of two decades.
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  5. 50 years?????????????????

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  6. Then you didn’t watch dalton his first year... just sayin
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  7. Did you watch the Cheez It bowl?
  8. Agree with Duggan. Tremendous upside for a freshman. Needs to not zip every ball but the receivers have to sprint on the deep balls.
  9. He is a scheissing freshman QB that had his first start. I would expect a competent QB coach to work with his and develop him. To say this was the worst performance in 50 years if scheissing embarrassing, and you should delete your account. GD.
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  10. Usually like your posts, but that was/is a serious overreaction. Receivers continued to drop a bunch, O-line didn’t hold up at times, and yes, he had some bad passes, but can tell he gets it.

    I’m much less worried about him than I am the planning and scheming behind him.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Shawn Robinson’s second half at UT was WAY worse than that.
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  13. I concur there may be issues with the schematics and coaching but you’re going to have be a little patient with Duggan. I agree with the poster re Dalton. His first two years were erratic at times to say the least. Duggan looks more the part than Andy did.

    It’s curious to me that the DC doesn’t take more criticism for our defense getting scorched. SMU deserves credit - they should be 6-0. Everybody needs to take a breath and let’s take care of business next week.
  14. Surely you have a short memory of a year ago when SR had 4 turnovers per game for 4 games running?
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  15. I hope that was a typo and he meant 5 and not 50.
  16. This was a total team loss, offense, defense, players, coaches, all had their role in this defeat. That said, the two big 4th down failures, were a direct result of horrendous play design. Any quality OC has to have a couple of go to plays that are designed to pick up key 1st downs. If those two donkeys were their best ‘go to’ plays, god help us. My other major concern is the the offensive play scheming, at times I feel that a coma patient might have more imagination. But as I said, this one was a total team effort, they all need to take a big bite of the [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] sandwich.
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  17. Down in the game and at 4th and 1 in the red zone.

    Me: okay let’s handoff to Sewo and pound the gap

    SC: hold my beer I’m going to call Sewo wildcat fade pass to throw them off.

    Me: tf was that
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  18. Gave up 41 points.

    If you only allow one TD to SMU per quarter, you win by a 10.
  19. Offense gave up 11 with fumbles.
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  20. Best post of the night. It was a mess-doesn’t change the fact there may be a change at OC. Would like HC to handle himself better.
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