Norman Transcript: Young Sooners have figured out how to win late, something veteran TCU can't do

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  1. The young Sooners have figured out how to win late, something veteran TCU can't seem to do
    NORMAN — Blown leads in close losses demoralized the Oklahoma men last season. At noon Saturday at Lloyd Noble Center, it will be their opponent trying to get out of the Sooners' old rut.

    TCU might be ranked 16th, but all is not well. The Horned Frogs (13-3, 1-3) have lost three of four games by a combined five points to begin conference play. Their only win came in overtime over Baylor after blowing a big lead. The spiral started with a 90-89 loss to OU to open conference play.

    In that game, OU point guard Trae Young scored 39 points, the most by any player in Big 12 play, but his offensive outburst wasn't TCU's only issue. It led the No. 9 Sooners (14-2, 3-1) by 13 with 10:48 remaining and by five with a little more than 3 minutes left.

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  3. Hopefully that headline just bought T Young about a 30% shooting day and TCU a comfortable 10 point win.
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  4. We need to figure out how to play good early. Hopefully that happens today.
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  5. I have a good feeling about today! We are going to play our best game of the year! GO FROGS!
  6. Young Sooners? Why is that plural? I hope they don’t think they actually be worth a damn without Young
  7. Start fast, be ruthless.
  8. change "can't do" to "isn't doing" and would have to agree with the headline.
  9. I expect a big break out game from fish today.

    He was non existent against OU last time. And after the missed layup he knows he makes 99 out of 100 times, I foresee laser focus and a killer instinct from him today.
  10. Can get behind the prediction of focus. Not sure "killer instinct" is what I want from JF right now. Feels like a recipe for early foul trouble.
  11. Pretty cool to at least have mid-season conference basketball game on my mind. Hadn’t had that in decades...and frick Oklahoma.
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  12. 1-4 start would suck, go Frogs!
  13. May they forever live in effamy.
  14. Yep. Pretty accurate.
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  15. Broken record
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  16. He had a good game.
  17. Guess the headline nailed it...dammit...
  18. Here's to the frogs figuring it out beginning with ISU on Wed night!
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