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Noah Daniels out for the season

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by jake102, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. So I’m guessing broken jaw?
  2. Shouldn’t you be answering that for us?
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  3. LawFrog504 plays a contact sport - solo.
  4. Norwood is a huge loss for the Sooners. Huge!
  5. Showgirl daughter is now law school daughter.
  6. Congrats to her!
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  7. The BLESSING!!!
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  8. I’m sure you still get the calendar in the mail :)
  9. What do we know about the color of his pee?
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  10. Yep, only TCU.


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  11. Ha! I was going to offer condolences.
  12. Forgive me if I did not see the post, but best wishes to Noah, and I hope the comeback trail is kind to you. Don't ever give up!
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  14. i am not a doctor, but i am not familiar with this injury.

    "019-08-07 Matthew Downing QB Downing is dealing with an eligibility issue, and his status for the season opener against Arkansas-Pine Bluff is up in the air. Ques Aug 31"

    i could care less if reagor and darius are knicked up and sit out apb.

    if the frogs can't win that game with a backfield of demarcado, darwin, and foster there are big problems in ft worth
  15. Good for her! That is awesome.
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  16. Sorry to read about Daniels. CB depth is a concern. Lewis has had much missed time himself so I certainly hope we don’t lose anymore guys. Just send them out to practice bubble wrapped. ;)
  17. Well we should get Michael O back from season ending injury last year. He was in the 2 deep CB rotation last year along with Daniels before he got hurt.
  18. Don’t think he’s back yet either.

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