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Niang opting out

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PO Frog, Aug 6, 2020.

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    Don’t really understand it considering the math but there you go.

    First of many I am sure.
  2. If you’re a 300+ pound fat guy who may already use a CPAP it might make more sense. If that kinda person gets the covid they are as good as dead. 40+ BMI
  3. If you're a 300 pound fat guy that didn't start exercising the second being grossly overweight became a known highly at risk group with this virus I haven't one ounce of sympathy for you.
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  4. What if this person has gland issues? Gland issues that are not his fault?

    What if the person has an eating disorder tied to childhood trauma, and eating is simply his way to cope and not give in to the voices?

    What if the person is just big boned for Chrissakes!
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  5. My hope is that this was an agreement that he had with the team to treat this season as a redshirt year. It’ll help get him back to full health and get his contract off the books until next season.

    usually not a good idea for rookies to opt out but maybe his previous health concerns contribute in some way.
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  6. Hope it works out for him. Not really the best thing to opt out in a rookie season.
  7. What would teams use for offensive linemen? Few if any are hardly ripped examples of physics fitnes. Strong, quick for their size, body fat ratios are probably on the unhealthy side.
  8. you talking from personal experience?

    please tell me you also wear sansabelt golf pants to the office
  9. Meh, I think everyone realize this season is gonna be weird so a lot of the "that's normally not a good idea" rules don't really apply. I suppose he had an opportunity to slide in to a starting role with Duvernay-Tardif opting out, but whatever. Hope it works out for him and we see him in 2021.
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  10. Must of been a tough decision. I believe he had a real opportunity to start with Laurent Duvernay opting out a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Interesting how he can be a social justice warrior and participate in protesting but he can’t play football. To me this does not make a lot of sense. His decision and if he doesn’t make it in the league it is on him.
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  12. All he knows is probably the fake news he has been chugging down so is walking in terrified fear.
  13. Good for him if that is what he wants to do.
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  14. Didn't he do the same thing last year?
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  15. Some of the comments on here are absolutely crazy and an awful look for our fanbase.

    He is a grown man with situations in his own life that none of us know about, or should judge. He did what he thinks is best for him and his family and that should always be respected.
  16. A week or two ago he was gun-ho....oh well best wishes.
  17. Just curious, but wonder what happens IF a vaccine starts to become available in October.

    Would players that have opted out be able to change their mind and start back up mid-season?
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  18. Everything surrounding COVID is political these days.
  19. Regardless, it is a lot of glands to eat!
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