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NFL goes full Aggie

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Aug 9, 2018.

    • 3 cheer(leader)s: The first male cheerleaders will join the NFL this season, CNN reported earlier this week. Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies will cheer for the Los Angeles Rams after making the squad back in March, while Jess Hernandez will join the New Orleans Saints' Saintsations squad. The additions may be a step forward for the NFL, which has come under fire for gender inequality this year after a New Orleans Saints cheerleader filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on claims that the football team has rules discriminating against women. While some other teams have male stuntmen on their squads, this season will be the first time men will cheer alongside women, performing the same moves.
  1. Hahaha. I'm 100% certain that Male cheerleaders will not "be a step forward for the NFL"...nor will they HELP with the issues of "gender inequality".

    Yeah, that's just what women want...fire some women and bring some dudes in to do their job. Brilliant!

    Whoever handles PR for the NFL is not earning their paycheck.
  2. To be honest it really is not under the control of the NFL. This was the result of EEOC filings.
  3. So these guys could file complaints with the EEOC and get jobs at Hooters too? I thought that had already been litigated and Hooters won.
  4. They’ve got a real good grasp on the demographics of their fan base.
  5. Do we not have male cheerleaders anymore? I know we did in the early 2000s. I guess I never thought about whether the NFL did or didn't have.
  6. This ruling will more than likely kill NFL cheerleading all together...5 years from now it’ll be 100% digital
  7. We do. They hoist the girls up and use the megaphones, etc. Typical male cheerleader role.

    This sounds like they’re going to have dudes dancing with pom-poms along side the females. Not unlike having a guy as a waiter at Hooters, IMO.
  8. Who cares? Cheerleaders get pretty much no screentime, so you’ll probably never see them. And outside of the Cowboys cheerleaders, they’re pretty much a thing of the past in any case.
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  9. I guess the NFL is trying to get everyone's attention off of the players protesting the national anthem. The NFL has become a joke. I stopped watching it a couple of years ago when the protest started, and don't see me watching anytime soon.
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  10. Woohoo! Hope they wear something tight and skimpy like their female counterparts.
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  11. Looks like I'll be canceling my order for a Saints cheerleader calendar...
  12. I hope they dress like gay milkmen and grab their balls like one college squad.

    On a more serious note, at least one NFL team has just decided to get rid of their cheerleaders because of all this BS plus their inability to keep the players from hitting on all of them and vice versa.

    Then there's the story about the Cowboys cheerleader that is threatening litigation because Rowdy is paid more than a cheerleader. Which begs the question - Why do the Cowboys pay that worthless idiot Rowdy anything? He should be paying them.
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  13. Hooters, Twin Peaks, and others hire them as “entertainers.” Therefore, they are able to discriminate based upon looks and gender.
  14. Sounds like the NFL can do the same thing, but maybe they are just too stupid.
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  15. Maybe you have some leftover bathing suits you could loan them? (Like the one in your picture.) :)
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  17. I agree.
  18. My Business Law class is 15 years out of date, but isn't it "Bona Fide Occupational Requirements" or something to that effect? Basically the same reason why it's OK for Playboy to only hire females as bunnies, airlines to discriminate against the elderly, or Catholic schools to require their chaplains be Catholic?

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