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agree and if he reaches the end of his first contract at the latest and still can't consistently deliver the basics of the nfl receiver as a 3rd or 4th option guy he not only will be gone, but the market will be slim simply because of economics. why pay a guy second contract dollars if they are still learning the position when you can go get a guy out of the draft, rookie fa, or someone who can play the position with lesser skills for less or equal money

the fact a guy like amendola still is in the league tells you the need for dependable receivers to man that 3rd and 4th slot and brandon cooks doesn't have some of the physical talents of reagor, but when it comes to route running and situational football cooks is playing chess while reagor is still playing chutes and ladders
Then there are the Cooper Kupps and Hunter Renfrows of the world.


He has not done well in the NFL.



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Yeh Reagor is a disaster. But should have been obvious to all Frog fans he was likely going to bust in the NFL, especially when his 40 time was like .15 slower than anticipated


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Travin Howard playing well for the Rams. Just had a monster hit.
Noteboom starting for the Rams. Seems like that guy is almost never talked about by anyone, including TCU fans, but he must be a solid NFL player. Made $3.5M since college and I’m sure he’s up for a really nice payday this off-season.


Noteboom expected to start today with Whitworth out.

Offensive line injuries have been the biggest topic of the week for this game.

thought he played well for them last week. also believe he his the last of that group still playing in the nfl thought i could be wrong