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New DC at UT

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. Pretty funny to read the UT message boards regarding their (supposedly) new DC. Last night the news broke that the UW DC was the frontrunner and wouldn't you know, this would be a homerun hire. He goes from not being on anyone's list to the absolute perfect/best DC in the country in the span of 12 hours.

    Either Sark had to go down the list several names or he is really trying to create that PAC-12 magic in Austin. Sark was never successful as a HC and now he got a PAC-12 DC. Not sure this boat ever gets out of the harbor.

    They will always have a top 10 (or 5) recruiting class, but I am having a tough time seeing how they mesh all this together to be a perennial contender, a la OU.
  2. Drinking buddy.
  3. That's not much different than all of GP's good ol buddies here
  4. Except for the drinking.
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  5. They drink when GP tells them to.
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  7. he can coach
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  8. Pretty sure that guy has had some salty defenses at Boise State and UW. We’ll see what happens at UT but it definitely appears as if he is a pretty decent coach.
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  9. nope, came to uw with peterson, lake is now the hc, and time for a change
  10. We should assume the Pac-12 can prepare a DC for the Bix XII as well as the Mountain West can.
  11. ironic when you consider the comments made about the perception of defense in the big 12

    they did somehow have 17 players get drafted off those bad pac defenses the last 7 seasons so someone like the talent that had on that side of the ball in seattle

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