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Grambling State just won in its first ever NCAA Tournament game. Came from 14 down (I think) to win in OT, 88-81 over Montana State. Thriller! Now they get Purdue.
Colorado and Eddie about to take the floor vs. Boise State in the final First Four game.
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My good Buff friend just texted me this—
By the way, I don’t think I’ve mentioned to you that Eddie Lampkin is my favorite current Buff. Such a great team player. So good in the locker room, in the huddle. Positive.

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What the heck BYU?
I had them going out to Duquesne in my bracket. I didn't think they were very impressive overall unless they got hot shooting 3s. They won a couple of games down the stretch that they should have lost. Given how common 6-11 "upsets" are, that seemed a likely bet.

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Then why did he leave?!
Believe CJD told him to leave because of multiple issues after an ankle injury. If I remember correctly, he refused to practice before the Big 12 Tournament due to an ankle injury, but wanted to play. CJD said if he can't practice, then he can't play so he stayed at home while the rest of the team went to KC.

After that happened, he or his mom released a series of private text messages with his CJD on Twitter and that was the end of his time here.