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NBC 5: Former TCU QB Andy Dalton and Wife Jordan Host Private Dinner for Parents of Ill Children

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  1. NBC 5: Former TCU QB Andy Dalton and Wife Jordan Host Private Dinner for Parents of Ill Children

    By Charles Nichelson

    Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton and his wife, Jordan, hosted a private, expenses-paid dinner for parents of ill and special needs children, at The Worthington Renaissance Hotel on July 12.

    The dinner, known as "Date Night," is part of the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation, which was founded in 2011.

    The Dalton Foundation, founded by the former TCU star and his wife, paid for parents to enjoy a date night while their children took part in various activities, such as a Build-a-Bear workshop, a photo booth, gaming stations and a kid-friendly dinner.

    Read more at http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/sports/F...er-for-Parents-of-Ill-Children-434343963.html
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  2. Good man Andy!
  3. Great man, career, wife, family, kids...

    You the man, Andy!
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  4. Way to go Andy! Such a fantastic ambassador for TCU: Seasoned NFL veteran that is loved and respected by his teammates. Faithful, loving, and God fearing husband and father. Generous philanthropist that continues to make big impacts on his community.

    Meanwhile, Baylor's top ambassador, RG3, can't last on any NFL team. Hell, he got cut by the Browns… THE BROWNS! He's a poison in the locker room and is hated by his teammates. NFL training camps are around the corner and no team has shown any interest in him.

    He spent the night before his wedding sending dick picks to his side chicks. Shortly after, he left his wife and kid for some blonde bimbo who he knocked up out of wedlock and now he’s in the middle of a lawsuit, being sued by his ex-wife that he cheated on and left.

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  5. Yes, and let's not forget to think about Jordan.
  6. Wish like hell he'd go to another team. Now that they have Mixon, I won't be rooting for the Bengals.

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