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MLB Draft June 3 & 4

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by One Frog Nation, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Only 5 rounds this year. Looks like a couple of the incoming Frogs might get drafted, but it looks like Texas will lose the most. Jared Kelley should go in the top 20 and Tanner Witt in the top 50 or so. Cam Brown for TCU is listed at 61 on MLB website.

  2. the MLB draft starts June 10th
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  3. Wait, that's today. Dammit, you'd think somebody would have told me.
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  4. So what's your thoughts on how the draft will impact our incoming players and some of our better juniors??
  5. Possible that we lose Ray and Smith (50/50 maybe). Cam Brown and Carter Baumler are really the only two draftable recruits and both will likely need a 7 figure bonus that they probably won't get. Brown maybe had 4 outings this spring and Baumler maybe 1. Gonna make it real tough to commit that kind of money to kids you don't know as well as you need to. I suppose it's possible though. In the end it's entirely possible we lose nobody. Gun to my head I'd be surprised if we lose more than 1.
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  6. Well hell, the draft is today and I didn't even know. I blame the corona thread.
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  7. seriously, you live in a house full of women.

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  8. Litererally NOBODY listens. My 12 year old laughs when I ask her to do something .
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  9. i feel you. I tell my 4 year old to clean her room. Her interpretation of this is to throw all of her pillows and toys on her bed and then hide under the covers.
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  10. She’s ready for social media.
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  11. Steel has 5 daughters and a lawyer wife so y’all got nothing to complain about.

    there is a male dog coming to live with us next month tho...
  12. She already gets on Mrs. Navys snapchat at all oppurtunities.
  13. Five daughters? No wonder you're crazy. This explains everything.
  14. It's also why he is stupid and has constant BO.
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  15. Yea, I screwed up on the date but the questions are the same.
  16. Worth noting that your original post did not contain any questions.
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  17. guess that means he doesn't have any questions then or now
  18. Can you believe these 2 are friends?

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