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Miller's Injury

Limp Lizard

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Curious as to the probability of Evans ever playing again?
Turf toe is a nasty thing. Especially for a guy who has to run fast to perform. Don't want to aggravate it. Hope he will be back soon. OSU has some better plastic to play on, then home and ISU on grass.

Miller held his back, hopefully just a hit with no broken bones or damage to his kidneys, not a muscle spasm. Lower back problems are tough.


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Yea especially on those check downs that Morris got EM on so often. Those 10-15 yard gains could've been 30 or 40 yards for Evans or Miller. Morris does such a great job threatening the defense downfield with his eyes and the fact that he completed several long throws that the defense has to honor it and if they're in zone then that can lead to RB's being left all alone.

hometown frog

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Radio guys said hip flexor during the game as the ‘injury report’. Watching the replay last night he caught a helmet right to his ribs. Looked painful as hell