Mike Leach on the CFP

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  1. You are so wrong in so many ways. You just buy in to the committee approach. You really don't like the do it on the field approach. Baylor even deserved to be picked over ohio st that year. They only had the 1 upset loss to WV on the road. However they are a small private school with a much smaller alumni base than ohio state. I hate Baylor by the way. The only way to at least dilute this bias is to go to an 8 team playoff.
  2. I just figured it out. This Wexau fellow is Herb.
  3. I pretty much know I'm not wrong that if we lost to Minnesota but beat Baylor, finished 12-1 and won a CCG by 59 points you wouldn't have been ok with an 11-1 OSU team who hadn't beaten a top 15 team getting in over us. There's just no way. I can't prove it but that's about as close to 100% fact as you can get. Heck, even I would have been royally pissed off had that happened.
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  5. Glad we all agree the playoffs need to be expanded how much and what formats to be determined. Leach was correct though settle it on the field. As far as money goes each playoff game generates 30 times the money of a regular season game. Moving to 8, 16, or 32 games with play ins and giving P5 a chance would make a gigantic ton of cash for all. If they can do it in all other sports they can do it in College Football!!!!!!!!!!!! Now get it done we want more teams less moron's picking the top 4 teams.
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  6. You act like OOC games are not relevant. They are relevant now and will always be relevant. You would rather play Jackson State, SMU and Middle Tennessee than, say, Cal, Tennessee and Michigan State? (Substitute any P5 teams here). Play better games against well known opponents, have more interest, make more $$.
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  7. People have quickly forgotten how bad the ACC was just a few years ago.
  8. They are relevant now, very much so. And they always have been. They won’t be though if there are no at-large playoff bids and if playoff spots are limited to conference champions. A team that goes 0-3 in OOC play will have just as good a chance of making the playoffs as a team that goes 3-0.

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