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  1. Dear Horned Frogs Fans:

    Thank you for your loyalty and patience during these unusual times. As the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc in our communities over the past five months, we have been in a continual state of change and are adapting to our new circumstances almost daily. The one constant is that the health and safety of our student-athletes, staff, fans, and community continue to be, and will always be, our top priority.

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have consulted with numerous local, state and national medical experts to assist us in navigating our return to campus this fall and our return to competitive sports. As you know, there are a number of new health and safety protocols in our everyday lives that we must all adhere to in order to minimize the risk of exposure and spread of the virus. These protocols will have an impact on our TCU Football Game Day experience and much of what we are used to will temporarily look different for the 2020 season.

    Among the changes for this season, please note:

    • Due to social distancing guidelines, Amon G. Carter Stadium’s capacity limit will be approximately 12,000 fans.
    • Tailgating and the gathering of large crowds in the parking lots will be prohibited on campus.
    CLICK HERE to see other adjustments and details you can expect on game day.

    We understand that this season will be unlike any that we have experienced and we want to provide you options. As a reminder, for the 2020 season, all season ticket holders have the following options: (1) select temporary seats for the 2020 season; (2) opt out for this year and use your payment as a credit and have the opportunity to renew your pre-pandemic seat locations next year; (3) convert your season ticket purchase into a donation to the newly established Frog Club Purple and White Fund that is eligible for a tax deduction and will receive double Horned Frog Priority Points (6 points per $100); or (4) receive a full refund. Please CLICK HERE for more information on your options and the ticket policies.

    Finally, as you may have seen, the Big 12 Conference Board of Directors voted to play a condensed schedule this year. We are excited to still offer six home games starting September 12 against Tennessee Tech. Yet despite our collective efforts to preserve as much of the traditional TCU Game Day as possible, our reality is unchanged – it is a very fluid and uncertain environment. Thank you in advance for your support and your understanding.

    Go Frogs!
  2. Also, only 4 tickets per account. So people with more than 4 tix (which includes me) will be limited to 4
  3. and I didn't see maniacs post.

    Delete thread, kill OP
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  4. Fingers crossed my priority points are high enough...to be able to put my 4 on stubhub.

    I kid, I kid...
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  5. Actually, if you are ranked 3000 or higher, you should be pretty much guaranteed to go. Of course, that's assuming students are counted in the 12,000.

    I also heard from the ticket office that many are opting out of this season
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  6. I would expect that if your priority points didn't get you the same number of bowl tickets in the past as you had season tickets, you won't get the 4 here based on the same formula.

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