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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by GP frog, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. A couple more pics ….. TT2.jpg TT3 copy.jpg TT3 copy.jpg
  2. Great pics, thanks, wish I could have been there.
  3. Those purple uniforms look great, so does the Eastside expansion, and so does that silver trim on the jumbotron.

    I see the Frost Bank sponsorship with Nike on the jumbotron. Frost has come into Fort Worth and more than doubled down in this market full steam the last 18 months. Their new downtown building is beautiful and they've really dumped sponsorship money into TCU and they bought a bunch of premium seats in the new eastside. Strategy, win over TCU folks, win Fort Worth.
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  4. Great pics, and great crowd! Enjoyed it a lot. Had an opportunity to speak with Alex Delton for a bit. Great kid with a lot of confidence. Can’t wait to see him in action...
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
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  5. Cool pics! Sad I could not make it!
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  6. In the brief conversations I had with each, Delton seemed down and disinterested and Duggan had a fire. Maybe Delton had a bad practice or he's "too old" for this stuff or he was tired, I don't know. When I told Duggan to keep fighting, he responded (not verbatim, but something to this effect) with "I'll never quit fighting." He said it with an intensity that was nothing other than totally believable.

    We always ask off-the-wall questions of the players just to break the ice and get the players loose and joking. My wife's question was a hit this year and had the players joking, debating, and thinking. The special teams guys (punters, kickers, and long snappers) said "we'll be talking about this in more detail since we have more free time during practices". It was a fun time.

    As highly touted as Gladney is this year, he is one of the most personable and approachable kids on the team. Benedict Brafi was very outgoing and personable as well. I asked Bunce how he was doing, he said feeling and getting better every day. Several players thanked us for coming out, which I think was sincere.

    It sure seems like we have a ton of good kids on this team. Even if I wasn't a fan, I'd wish them well this season.
  7. What was your wife's off-the-wall question?
  8. Yea the branch on Camp Bowie, a conversion of the old Bowie theater, is pretty iconic. Plus they send folks into a relative’s local retirement community for weekly banking services. Good folks.
  9. "Out of all the coaches, which one is most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse?"

    Sometimes, I'd follow up with "Which one would be the first to not survive?" Most would play along with my question, but some seemed afraid to say.
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  10. Was there a consensus answer?
  11. Not speaking of or for any player in particular, but Steel has talked with players about this event, and it has been described as "weird" and "annoying."

    Think about it, players who get paid nothing, have to endure stupid questions from ignorant people and have to give PC answers to same.

    Used to be more fun outside when they had the stations and the players got to knock the daylights out of little kids with blocking dummies.

    Sitting at a table while creeper adults push their kids up there and stuff, and ask dumas questions. What a beating.
  12. I should have included those. For the first question, the main answer was Sommer (S&C). Luper got a lot of votes on the offensive side (always rides a bike, is fast, and former Army) and Coach Z on the defensive side. A lot of players stayed with their position coaches, which is understandable. They would talk among themselves and some would change their answer after discussion. Almost all coaches received at least a few mentions.

    The "winner" of my question was Coach G. Old and slow were the primary reasons, but some reasoned that wisdom and survival skills come with age.

    Speaking of coaches, we spoke with Sonny and Tamra for several minutes. They were both very friendly and personable as well, even though you could tell she was worn out after taking the boys to their soccer games earlier that day. We talked a bit about Tech, but she said they've thrown out all of their red and black stuff and are solidly purple now.
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