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MBB Big 12 Tournament Game 1: TCU vs KSU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Surprised there’s not a thread for this.

    7 minutes in TCU down 11-2
  2. Is 2 points in 7 minutes good? Feels like it might be.
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  3. Anyone tell the players it's ok for them to show up, just not fans?
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  4. Grayer with 3 tos, having a rough go....
  5. First sub off of the bench was Smith. I am now no longer a JD fan. He just does not understand.
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  6. Frogs playing brutal basketball.
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  7. Great end to an embarrassing season.
  8. I have Riverdale recorded. May switch to that soon.
  9. Season was over at the throat-slash.....
  10. If the Frogs get to 20 points by halftime it will be a miracle.
  11. scheiss somebody. Who we playin, now?
  12. This is hard to watch.

    No effort on the boards.

    Poor shooting.



  13. What a great play out of the timeout JD.....

    7 tos, all traveling type turnovers bc we have no rhythm on O
  14. 8 points and 7 turnovers, a fairly balanced offense
  15. Maybe 10
  16. I hate this season.
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  17. We have upgraded the facility and have tried to get our basketball program back to the NCAA Tournament, but something seems amiss...too many transfers, players don't seem to be developing, sloppy play, no set offense, etc...sad that we cannot score in football and basketball on a consistent basis...
  18. Well, another Virus impact announced today was that the CBI was called off. That means this is the last game for this group of players. They really were the worst team in the B12. Thanks goodness it is over.
  19. I'm having a difficult time watching this. Kansas St looks like crap, and the Frogs are still on the bus.

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