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MBB: #2 Baylor vs TCU Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. The coach was signaling for a TO before the ball was snapped.
  2. He fumbled it backwards I think
  3. Signaling yes but not acknowledged by the official until well after the snap
  4. I thought that may be a possibility but CBS didn't show it or even mention it. With so many games this weekend this was probably the G team in the production truck.
  5. How did the shot by Miles not count when he was called for a charge?
  6. We continue to be a turn over machine
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  7. Our ball handling is atrocious
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  8. Gut check time
  9. I checked, still got one...
  10. Hopefully with more game experience and practice Miles will be more consistent. Nice first half and then only 2 points in the 2nd.
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  11. Shoot 34% and have 22 TO's your not going to beat many
  12. Thanks for the effort Jamie...best of luck at your next destination. It’s clear that we have maxed out where we are getting under your leadership
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  13. Two recurring themes over the last several years regardless of who we have on the roster...
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  14. Nonsense
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  15. LHCJD made all the half-time adjustments necessary to ensure defeat.
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  16. I was actually impressed with the effort we had today. I had a coaching friend with me today and he kept telling me our bigs are just not good enough. When you’re playing a 4 out and 1 in offense the bigs have to be a factor on both ends and Samuel and LaDee have not been good enough. He told me that Mike has all the skills to be fantastic but he’s not ready to be the point for a Big 12 team and I found that interesting because Skip has been saying this. He thinks Fuller is like a fish out of water and doesn’t think he fits in well in our offense.

    BTW he’s not big on Jamie but says where he’s brought us to has to come into play. He still thinks there might be a residual effect from his dalliance last year but thinks TCU fans need to be patient.
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  17. It is obvious that Fuller is a fish out of water. I keep hoping he will have a huge game and get things going. Not sure he will be starting much longer with the way Chuck Obanon has been playing. They need to do something about all of these turnovers. We are not a well coached team, but we do have some good talent.
  18. I worry how we will defend OU. Reeves just absolutely kills us and we never change how we defend him. Let’s see if we decide to do anything different with him.
  19. In your opinion, is Dixon the very best we can do at tcu?
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  20. How do you defend a flop that the ref's keep calling a foul on the defender?
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