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Max had surgery on his foot today

Frozen Frog

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This is probably some of the better news to come out this season. Get it fixed and be ready for spring. I think Duggan is a better QB than given credit. We are lucky to have him as a Frog. I have no problem with going to Dallas for surgery. It is likely there was a specialist that was heavily involved and wanted to do it in Dallas. It seems like there was an athlete years ago that needed an operation. It turned out James Andrews was working with someone else an hour away so he traveled to see him and jumped the line.


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I am sure he will compete and the best guy will play. I don’t see him beating the guy but I do see him playing the slot and taking some snaps in certain situations. He is a real good football player.

Pharm Frog

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Don't know exactly what procedure he had but don't blame him a bit for seeking out the best surgeon he could find for it....I hope it's not heel-related. Those can be a [ hundin].


Was I supposed to type something here?

(Some years after this film, I was at a sporting event and ran into Ben Davidson, who was there for a promotional gig. I said to him, "Watched you on TV last night."
He sort of drew back and said, "Really?"
"Yeah. Conan the Barbarian!"
He just melted, and gave a big smile. "That was such a great time! We filmed the whole thing in Spain..." He went on for a while! Really great guy!)