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Making the Case Against TV Timeouts

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by HToady, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. There are ample opportunities during the game to allow for TV advertising to have the entire screen. How about adopting what golf does and split the screen all other times, and not delay game play. For those in attendance it would make a world of difference and to those watching on TV they could still keep up with the game.
  2. The ticket buying public is the least important group in this whole situation. Dish won't carry FOX ($), TV timeouts are the primary revenue generator for broadcasters ($), and schools with TV contracts get paid big money for agreements/conference channels ($). The "home and home" with UOhio St. was moved to a one and done at Jerryworld ($). Ticket buying fans obviously don't amount to crap when it comes to millions of dollars in revenue.
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  3. Stop it. Now.

    What golf does is beyond annoying. A little picture of guys walking around trying to scry their putting lines, while a larger picture blares out at top volume what you should be buying. Nope.

    Do you really want that for your football experience? 3+ hours of solid advertising while you try to see what is happening on the little area of non-commercial screen they have left you as a back-handed courtesy? No thanks.

    TV advertising is insulting and annoying. The perpetrators should be impaled alive.
  4. Not a reply to you personally, but I'm just saying...

    With all of the paid television occurring these days, why are we paying to get advertised to? If we are paying for the broadcast service, why are they getting paid by advertisers to display ads? I know this is a WAY old argument. HBO, for instance, broadcasts movies with no ad interruptions. Why aren't all "cable" channels set up this way?

    Broadcasters, pick your poison. Have "cable" providers pay for your content or have advertisers pay for your content. Don't have regular Joe pay to have you get paid to provide him ads that he doesn't want.

    The whole industry is close to being turned on its head. Streaming services are gaining in popularity for a reason.

    Ok, rant over. It was something that was on my mind that that I had to get off of my chest. See how I incorporated my entire core there without advertisements?
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  5. why? because they can?

    anyone who has streaming will tell you that you still get commercials with streaming.

    i really find this entire position against television a bit odd as how many people here were upset when tcu became part of a p5 conference?

    did you not realize that big check, that broader media exposure came with a cost and that cost was a loss of control?

    just wait until this winter when you can't find a number of the tcu basketball games because they are on espn+.

  6. Me and flyfishingfrog will fly in for every home game and watch them in person. What's your excuse?
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  7. Because they can double-dip, that's why. Broadcasters have little more than contempt for us lowly viewers. We try and get around their advertising. We fast-forward through their commercials. How dare we do such a thing...

    Aside from sports, I have really cut back on TV. There really isn't much to see, anyway. Groucho Marx once said, "TV makes me smarter. When somebody turns it on, I get up and go read a book."
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  8. Better yet, some of them won't let you FF through commercials!

    Evil, I tell you! Evil!
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  9. That's why Gary needs to stop calling them out. His anger is misplaced.
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  10. I do not disagree. If he wants me to stop buying tickets and attending the games, he should just say so.
  11. And what some NFL broadcasts do.
  12. We will do whatever TV says for $40 million.
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    I was thinking of the improvement in the stands! Hit mute and get up to get a Brew! Totally agree on the annoying Ad's tho!
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  14. The best scenario occurred in our game against UT. Precede a World Series game!. That's a hard stop.

    They did get their requisite tv timeouts in during the first quarter and that was exacerbated by the 5 minute review on where to spot the ball! That quarter went 40 minutes.

    But after that, notice how smoothly and quickly the second half went utilizing the existing timeouts for tv commercials? That's all I'm asking.

    I was amazed that UT would spend the money to bring their massive band just to play one song dedicated to a woman who hated her time there......

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