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LUKE FICKLE (UCinn Coach) for Tcu Coach after next season.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WyomingFrog, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. He is an amazing young Coach. Probably the best out there right now. Doing amazing things everywhere he goes.

    Has taken UCINN to new heights in a very short time. Great Coach. Better than Lincoln Riley.

    Very best and brightest out there right now imo
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  2. I watched the SMU game and I was definitely impressed. They said he was a great recruiter and his OL and DL lines absolutely dominated SMU. Problem is that he is an Ohio guy and I suspect has his eye on the Ohio State job in a few years. I wish we had his OLs and DLs.
  3. Who in the world has ever called the Bearcats "UCinn"?
  4. Would love him but I hear he can by wishy-washy.
  5. Would not disagree but GP ain't leaving until he's ready. The back axle may be loose but it hasn't fallen off yet, the program is still here........maybe by not much, but it's still here. Absent Covid next year, if we average under 30k per game, the Board of Trustees will start paying attention. Right now, it's a yawn for them. They know nothing about football, only the bottom line.
  6. He is not coming to Fort Worth. Period. If he did, then he would leave as soon as whatever Big 10 job opened up that he wanted.

    Good coach, but he won't come here.
  7. No. He'll be the next to Fail at UT..
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  8. Will he OC?

    Also, dominating SMEW OL and DL is not a major accomplishment...
  9. This is a fickle post.
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  10. And the finger of fate does not favor the future Frogs in this frustrating football fracus....

    Must be chronologically gifted to understand the finger reference.....
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  11. He turned down Michigan State, why would he come here? He hasn't left Ohio to coach, ever.

    Also his teams have generally struggled offensively. I watched his team struggle to score against a really bad South Florida team last year. They also got shut out by Ohio State - I don't care if its Ohio State - if we got shutout by Ohio State this board would be triggered into a nuclear meltdown.

    They were 60th nationally in points per game a year ago(we were 57th). This year they have a bit more experience on offense especially at QB but he is a poor man's Patterson - good defenses, mediocre offenses unless there is a lot of experience in place.
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  12. Next UT coach is a different OSU guy.
  13. Worth noting that his last name is spelled Fickell FWIW.
  14. Travis, let’s say Gary were to step down. Who would promote or pursue for the job?
  15. Anderson
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  16. Post of the week, maybe the month!
  17. Velly eenteresting!
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  18. Genius. At least he wouldn’t be the o-line coach anymore.
  19. I think instead of focusing on a new head coach I think we need to look at OCs and Oline coaches. I am sure the university will not fire Coach P and they probably shouldn't. The more I have thought about it he has earned at least one more year.
  20. How gracious of you!

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