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Lubbock A-J: No. 18 Red Raiders unable to contain Bane, fall to Horned Frogs

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  1. Lubbock A-J: No. 18 Red Raiders unable to contain Bane, fall to Horned Frogs

    By Carlos Silva Jr

    FORT WORTH — Chris Beard was not happy Tuesday night.

    The fourth-year Texas Tech coach recruited a pair of graduate transfers to help provide experience and grit on a squad touting 10 players who are classified as a sophomore or younger.

    TJ Holyfield and Chris Clarke did not meet expectations, combining for 10 points, nine rebounds, five assists and five turnovers, while TCU dynamic guard Desmond Bane showed what a veteran presence can provide in a Big 12 Conference game.

    Read more at https://www.lubbockonline.com/sport...s-unable-to-contain-bane-fall-to-horned-frogs
  2. Beard: “I thought they were the more aggressive team tonight. They got to the free-throw line while we settled for jump shots. They were the more aggressive team defensively. So, definitely, they outplayed us in a 40-minute game tonight.”

    How often have we heard this from opposing coaches? It's great. I didn't get to see the game, but keep up the aggressive play frogs, steal some wins on the road and take care of business at home and you will be set.
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  3. The second half saw a different TCU team in action-- aggressive rebounding, good defense, passing and shooting.
    Hope we see that same play the rest of the way-- I think the difference was the aggressive way the Frogs took it to them.
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  4. and don't slow down play to milk the clock unless it is under 2 minutes left and a 10 point lead.
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  5. This! That strategy cost the frogs a victory against Clemson. Blew a 15 point lead by slowing it down with a lot of time (8-10 mins?) remaining.
  6. And yet, the Tech fan sitting next to me complained about the officiating for pretty much the entire game.
  7. Who'da thunk it? I didn't expect a win in this game, but I'll take it! Maybe we can best the thugs at Lawrence, too!
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  8. We got home cooking? That would be a first.
  9. The guy across from me that probably poached the seats from our absent Frog friends when they didn't make it was insufferable. Thank God he left at half.
  10. I sit four rows from the court on the baseline by TCU'S bench
    A jackwagon Tech fan two rows behind me before the start of the second half yelled "Hey Bane you suck!"
    Everytime Bane hit a shot in the second half people kept asking him if he still sucked.
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  11. Holyfield scored 10 points and Clarke scored none.
  12. The three of us combined for 10.
  13. No. 24 Avery Benson, who looked like Gordon Keith, did not score either.
  14. We sit where some people very close to the opposing team sit behind us. Last night they were confident early and blamed the refs in the end. It’s fun bantering with them.
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