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Lubbock A-J: Cumbie gets 3-year, $2.7-million deal as Tech OC

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 16, 2021.

  1. Thus is basically "Coach in Waiting" bribe money...he will be elevated in a year or two when they fire Wells.
  2. If this is true, and there's enough smoke around Gary's reaction to the defense getting tired because the offense was scoring so fast to at least believe it's possible. . .

    Then, what a dumbass way to deal with the perceived, "problem."
    So, instead of recruiting extra DLs to have enough of a rotation to keep them fresh, we allocate enough scholarships to make sure we have about 22 wide receivers on the team to feed the 10-man rotation at the position.
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  3. wonder what our coaches salaries per point scored is. whatever it is it’s probably one of the highest in the nation.
  4. Strange metric.
  5. We don't want another Dykes out in Lubbock.
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    don't question how scholarships are allocated.

    heck, frogs last year had 8 linebackers and only 5 corners and that worked out okay so don't question how gary manages his roster
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  7. They spread less rash tho.
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  8. Seems like a lot of money for a guy whose best play was for the O-line to not block and for the QB to run for his life.
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  9. Patterson liked Cumbie because his defense dominated his offense in every practice.
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  10. did a quick search and found david yost was getting paid a base salary of $600,000 at tech.

    will let others debate whether or not he was worth that, but this seems like aggie negotiating especially when you consider which side of the ball wells' history is on as a position coach and coordinator
  11. The problem wasn’t “scoring to fast”. I keep hearing that stupid narrative thrown around. The issue was the 5 snaps in 90 second drives that ended in punts
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  12. I’m not sure your point on the Texas thing, but his TCU contract had expired at the end of the 2020 season but he was offered a 2 year deal through 2022 to stay for substantially similar money. Texas hadn’t shown interest in him for several years, but his most recent contract was in response to that pursuit.
  13. That wasn’t a problem until after 2016 when GP put the brakes on the passing attack.
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    Are you sure...In 2016 when we ranked 8th scoring offense and 8th in total offense in the B12. (Against Conf Opponents) It feels pretty clear to me that GPs change of heart offensively is a response to the inefficiencies of 2016 not scoring points.

    GP isn’t afraid to score points..He’s afraid of the damage that is done by not scoring points in a hyper speed, low possession Offense.

    The GP doesn’t like scoring stuff is foolishness. He doesn’t like the risk associated with the Air Raid. And I should note....I’m a huge believer that balance and explosiveness are necessities to win a conference title. There’s inherent risk associated with being explosive. You have to push the ball down the field. I’m all for throwing the ball but I think it needs to be within a complimentary framework.
  15. Possibly because he wasn't keen on continuing to count on an offensive scheme that was consistently failing to execute. As alluded to above, 3 plays and a punt in a 90-second span of game time, repeated several times, will gas any defense.

    For GMFP to wander down the sideline and scream "Cut that $hit out!!!!" is unsurprising...
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  16. Cumbie's preparation and game plan was fine. The adjustments on the fly and at half time were the problem. Didn't seem Cumbie was able to do the adjustments that well. We will see if it was Patterson who handcuffed Cumbie or Cumbie himself.
  17. the comment about texas is in reference to the end of the 2016 season when texas expressed some interest in sonny, meacham was "leaving" for kansas, and sonny ended up as the frogs' offensive coordinator with a raise

    sure there are some on this board who have knowledge with what has gone on since 2016, but from the outside there have been a few decisions that leave those of us who aren't very smart scratching our head.

    the 2-year offer is odd and it seems tcu made the offer more to benefit sonny than to keep him and that runs counter to the narrative told by some on this board.

    not saying it is wrong, but again with much of what has happened on the offensive side since 2016 just really, really odd
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  18. I'm just waiting for the day when we cash in on the secret plan for turning spare QBs and WRs into elite interior DLs and Ols. We will be unbeatable.
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  19. I think he ran his course here. He had incredible talent to work with in 2014 and 2015 and a new offensive scheme that had the element of surprise in 2014. Not sure he was up to the task when Meachum left being the sole OC. Bringing back Meachum and adding Kill said it all.
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