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Looking for Rodeo Tickets for Saturday matinee

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. I need 2 and/or a parking pass.
  2. Parking Saturday was INSANE. We rolled up at 11:30. Dropped off my wife by the entrance . Didn't catch up to her until 12:45.
  3. Call the box office number listed on the FWSSR website.
  4. It got worse that night. They changed the Chevy garage to pre registered permit only because of heavy traffic worries. We got there early so we found a spot in the adjacent lot.
  5. Kick ass hour and fitteeen! [​IMG]
  6. We're going next Friday. What time do y'all suggest we get there and where should we plan to park since the Chevy garage is apparently going to be for "pre-registered permit" (whatever the hell that is)?
  7. So here is the odd part, don't know if it will be pre registered parking again. They did that on Saturday as an audible. There will likely be less people parking during the day on Friday. So you might call either Dickes or the FWSSR ticket office at Will Rogers to find out.

    That said, May want to arrive by 6. They open the doors at 6:30.

    There is a parking lot right next to the Chevy Garage. Entrance just before the garage. There is usually parking across the street from the garage. Not far. Likely parking up at the old garage near the Will Rogers entrance. But you have to walk to Dickies which amounts to about a block and a half distance (guesstimate)
  8. Doors have been opening at 6:30 for the night show.
    For any event nowadays I try to ride share as much as possible, TCU games included. From my house to Dickies it would be about a $15 ride there and probably a $15 ride home. I think parking is $20-$25 for a spot halfway close so the extra 10-15$ is well worth it, (and like they said in the 90’s, “Think before you drink”).
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