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Longhorns vs Aggy @Dickie’s Arena attendance...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Pretty piss poor turnout for two schools that both have larger alumni bases in DFW than we have alive across the globe.

  2. sunday afternoon was an odd time for that game
  3. scheiss Aggie + scheiss UT
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  4. Tickets were only $6 according to a post I saw somewhere. aggy has really become a non factor in TX news when they left for the sec.
  5. ags have struggled to draw this year even at home as they have struggled in the sec and were bad last season. two games this year they drew roughly over 5,000 at home which isn't good when you consider the size of the student population

    texas is a love hate situation with shaka and they can be brutally painful to watch play at times.

    as far as the "hate" between the schools i don't think it is something that spontaneously pops up when they play
  6. Looks like a pretty good crowd to me.
  7. Consider the two schools combined currently have 120k+ enrolled students. And have a combined 1M+ alums.
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  8. ...virtually all of whom had something more interesting to do than watch a basketball game..
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  9. Obviously.
  10. Ok spot for an Aggy Fun Fact.

  11. Didn't look too much different than ours. Texas fans were clearly the majority by a lot.
  12. I mean Aggie hoops are straight up pitiful right now so I could understand not showing up.
  13. I never even heard who won the game?
  14. texas 60-50
  15. someone send this to the guy who tried to expose our Kansas attendance that one time
  16. I went some friends - I would guess they had about 20% more than us at the most

    Still felt pretty empty much like our game
  17. This is our “scoreboard” now? “We almost had as many fans in attendance at an arena less than a mile from our campus!”

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  18. I have always said Aggies would go to Timbuktu for a football game but won’t walk across the street for basketball.
    At TCU we do quality, not quantity.
  19. The attendance isn't low. Its that the Aggie fan base has become more selective.
  20. There are apps and web sites that have this type of information these days.
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