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Line for the game is finally up.... we are 55 point favorites

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. This line should be in the 60s so I am about to get in line and place a bet on us.
  2. Just keep in mind that GP doesn’t like to run up the score on these type programs.
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  3. And sometimes they are so bad you can’t help it.
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  4. Anything under 60 I’d play
  5. I don't see them scoring at all. This is going to be a 2017 Kansas game type of offensive performance from UAPB. The only way they score is if we give it to them on a turnover.

    Now ask the question - do we score more than 55? I think so. This is the worst team we have ever played in the modern era. The FCS schools we have blown out in the past would beat this team by 35+
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  6. They’re gonna score in the 2nd quarter on a wheel route down the east sideline from midfield. Saw it in a dream. Or a rerun of an old D2 gane.
  7. True.

    I read where GP said that if players score when they are told not to, they will come out of the game. Whether that’s means 52 points or 70. I don’t know. I see GP stopping at 60.
  8. I’d take the under.
  9. We beat SFA 70-7 in 2015.
  10. How would the 2019 APB defensive line matchup against the 2012 Grambling offensive line?
  11. Me too, simply because GP typically respects the opponent too much to rub their nose into the dirt.
  12. 2012 Grambling was 1-10...the win over Virginia-Lynchburg. I think this UAPB team might be a tad better...
  13. The lost to a game to a FCS team 90-6.

    The lost to Southern by 32 points as well.
  14. Southern won their division in their conference. The 90 points were to SDSU (I think) - which, as you know, is a legit program. Grambling 2012 lost every game except to a team that wasn’t even worthy of NAIA status. Last year, UAPB wasn’t even the worst team in the SWAC.
  15. We’re headed out in a few...see y’all at the game!
  16. Is this before or after we lost Gladney for the year? Too soon?
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  17. I highly doubt players are instructed to “not score” unless we’re taking a knee. You handle that with play calling and personnel groupings. We don’t even tell our players not to score when we should.
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  18. I would probably hold off
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  19. Ding ding ding

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