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Let the hate flow


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This season has sucked but today we have an opportunity to take out our frustration on the dorks from Waco.

I hate Baylor and I'd like to see our boys right the ship just a little and make the dorks want to flush themselves down their toilet-shaped stadium.

Whether you like him or hate him, Kendal is stained by his association with that sewer. Let's go embarass those losers, to the point that they fire Aranda (but maybe let up enough that he wants to be our DC next year).

Screw the Bears, and Go Frogs!


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My wife and I were playing golf and she hit a bad approach shot into #9 and she didn't want cuss so close to the pool and kid area. She would say dirty word instead and, on this occasion, I said Baylor. For the rest of her life she would say "Baylor" instead of cussing on the course. she was a seven Handicap with 6 hole in ones.
All fun and games until she starts saying "Baylor" in bed.