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Leave the freshmen in

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. i didnt expect a win, and think this will end up close.

    May as well keep Fuller and Smith in.

    Also, the refs suck but this is a good wake up call/challenge.

    Wvu gets away with bumps on every damn play. Several missed travels on them too.
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  2. RJ Bane Kevin and the Freshman.
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  3. Unless there are two posters with the same name you literally started a thread yesterday where the first sentence you wrote was you thought we were gonna win this game.
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  4. Culver travels every time he touches the ball. WVU wouldn’t have any players left if they called every hand check. Comical what they will call against other teams though that are playing WVU. Still we are missing way too many open shots
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  5. They let wvu play their way. ITS BS
  6. That missed dunk by Fuller is the type of ship that creates legends. Too bad he couldn’t deliver that one. He caught Culver too far under the basket and had a chance to finish it.

    Still an impressive attempt and tells you what kind of mentality Fuller has. Need more of that killer-type on this team. This team lacks that.
  7. when you bump people all the time, every time the officials might call it at the start of the game, but they don't stay with it while you continue to bump and pressure and make your opponent uncomfortable

    nolan richardson's 40 minutes of hell press was based as much on the fact the official won't call everything as it was any bit of defensive schematic excellence
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  8. Also a reason they will never make a final 4 with that style. Zero percent chance refs let them play that way after the first couple rounds where they are better athletes anyway
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  9. Exactly. Just like good OL hold every damn play
  10. yeah.....last frog freshman who had an impressive miss on a dunk like that last year soon become a utep miner.

    impressive, athletic display by fuller but loud misses count as much as loud fouls.
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  11. No...This will not end up close unless WVU takes a nap

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