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Leach On Pac12 Mascots

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Sorry, but I love this guy!
  2. And they say weed isn't harmful....
  3. Someone force you to watch it?
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  4. Always liked The Pirate. Combination of a good coach and, well, a pirate. Just having some fun with the media. As a coach, if he could just channel some GP defense...he'd be awesome and his team's unstoppable.
  5. Can you see Saban answering that question without losing his scat? Polar ends of the spectrum there...
  6. No Habla
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  7. Cowboy kills Raider in range war, Bear mauls Cowboy, Wildcat and Bear drown in the Brazos River, Mountaineer and Longhorn go off to a cave and live happily ever-after, Sooner...It's a covered wagon. What could it possible harm?, Hawkeye eats Jayhawk, Hawkeye has the Horned Frog in its sights for a tasty lunch, but is blinded by the sun reflecting off AGCS, flies into the new Eastside glass and dies. Horned Frog wins.
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  8. I’m assuming you have the wrong mascot for ISU...
  9. I love it. Today is The Pirate's Day!
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  10. Rock Paper Scissors is considerably less complicated.
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  12. depends on which iteration you play

  13. I think the cyclone routinely destroys the covered wagon in real life.
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  14. Oops! You are correct sir. Oh well.

    Iowa just beat Iowa State, so they took their place. ;)
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  15. The fact that Tech ran off the best coach they've had in more than 4 decades because of an SMU alum's kid is greatness.. Leach was starting to sign some top talent, especially skill players- if we had had to recruit against him had he stayed, I believe he would have some of our good players in Lubbock, perhaps even Reagor.
  16. Have you been to Lubbock?
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  17. More times than I care to remember.. Leach did a remarkable job there considering its location.. I'm glad he's no longer there..

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