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Last Saturday Startlegram after 106 years!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. If you get one of them, save it for posterity! Today's the last Saturday Startlegram ever in paper form. Beginning next Saturday, digital only. No substitute for bathroom tissue next Saturday. Bear up.
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  2. Any paper that continues to employ Muck deserves bankruptcy
  3. He is honestly the main reason I do not have a digital subscription to the FWST. I had press box dfw and I have the athletic. I refuse to pay for the star telegram because of him.

    I just don’t get why he is still there. If they were utilizing a completely ad based model I would maybe understand. He is a click bait artist. However, now everybody needs a subscription. No need for click bait.
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  4. I personally find the downward path on which the Star-Telegram finds itself as sad and disappointing. I don't want it to fail. I'm a digital subscriber primarily because it's my hometown newspaper. Time will tell if it (and many others) can remain viable on the digital platform alone.
  5. except even with most subscription based services the provider still needs ad revenue to make the books add up. So you pay for service and still get ‘you won’t believe what he said’ type articles.
  6. Or if you run out of toilet paper.
  7. I am sad about this.
    I used to deliver the Corpus Christi Caller (and Times, way back when. TWO newspapers a day!) in my Kingsville neighborhood.
    On the other hand, I cancelled my print subscription to the Star-Telegram years ago when a sports editor told me "You can get all of that on line", regarding NBA and MLB box scores.
  8. Very sad. I interned at the Star-Tel in the early 90s. It was a money making machine. I remember in the old Annex building (where the new Frost Tower is now) there was dealer classifieds for all the car dealerships. That was an insane operation. There were dozens of folks there that all they did was sale ads for car dealerships. That area generated a TON of revenue for the paper. How times have changed. Very sad. The internet really killed the newspaper industry.
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  9. Poor Amon G Carter.... glad he's not alive to see all this.
  10. Finally the FWST does what it should of years ago.

    As a businessman and if I owned a newspaper, I would be all digital. That's how people get there news today.

    Newspapers have the most overhead, printing machinery, paper, transportation, distribution and warehousing, for something people only want to pay a $1 for.

    In this digital world, you don't even need a building to house reporters....they can work from home.
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    Apparently they ARE working from home. Nobody covered yesterday's basketball game? But hey! This morning's (Sunday's) Startlegram does have a story about our win FRIDAY evening against Kentucky. Nothing of course about yesterday's win.
  12. But that's how the outlandish errors in fact end up in print....No one back checks or edits or proofs what the cyberheaded reporter uploads as fact....
  13. Working from home doesn't mean not doing your job....maybe that's the Star Telegram's real problem.

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