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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by MadFrog, Mar 15, 2019 at 7:22 PM.

  1. On ESPN, when they list the Last 4 In, is the order important? In other words, if you are listed first in that list, are you safer than the team listed 4th in that list?
  2. If they knew there wouldn’t be a selection show.
  3. I’ve always seemed to translate that as last listed is next to fall out
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    I've been told the first four in are more important than the last four in.

    Or maybe vice versa.
  5. We’re as on the bubble as can possibly be. And I find it almost incredible that we even have a chance. A bunch of teams that have no business being in the tournament are going to get there.
  6. Lunardi is really the only one I’ve seen that had TCU playing Tuesday. Majority have them as an 11 seed
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  7. Really hope we don’t have to be in a play in game...I don’t trust our seniors to show up
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  8. I think they'll show up and handle the ball a lot and maybe even more than that.
  9. We want duke lol
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  10. That's what she said?
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  12. Stayed out of this thread because I thought it was a much different topic until curiosity overruled the title.
  13. Auburn can shoot the 3
  14. What time is the Tournament Selection Show?
  15. I think it’s 5pm tomorrow? Could be wrong though.
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  16. Thx
  17. 5 tomorrow

    Teams will be revealed in the bracket this year and not alphabetically like last year thank God

    Order in each region is 1 seed, 8 seed, 4 seed, 5 seed, 2 seed, 7 seed, 3 seed, 6 seed

    11 seed is always last team to be revealed per region

    I keep a dry erase board each year and wipe teams off when revealed. So I can easily predict which teams are to be announced by the last region comes around. Sometimes for me there is no suspense for that last 11 seed since my board says it's an automatic bid team
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  18. Wait. You actually keep a white board with all the teams and update it as they are picked for the tournament? Do you get paid for this or is it a hobby? Either way, you love the NCAA tournament way more than I do. And I love it quite a bit.

    Good on ya, mate. I wish I had that kind of time in my life.
  19. If we are up against AZ st and St John we should get in. They are around13 and 20 spots behind us in the Kenpom and Net rankings. St John is in the 70s in both.

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