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Larry Scott Pac 12 commish steps down

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. https://www.mercurynews.com/2021/01...-a-look-back-at-his-greatest-hits-and-misses/

    Thought this was worth noting from the article

    Miss: Officiating. In his first weeks on the job in the summer of 2009, Scott made the improvement of football and basketball officiating a centerpiece of his platform. He never got it right and, in fact, owns two scandals that stretched the imagination and embarrassed the conference: BountyGate with Sean Miller and Ed Rush; and the instant-replay dumpster fire with Woodie Dixon. Even now, we’re mystified by the officiating structure: The head of Pac-12 football officiating has never officiated a major college game.
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  2. CdC, line 2.....
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    Frank Windegger. Or Deloss Dodds. Spike Dykes would be good.

    I would say Chuck Nienas but I don't want them to be successful.

    I nominate Brewing Frog. He loves the PAC.
  4. Insert the name Chris DelConte for Larry Scott.
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  5. the cdc thought is interesting as there are some in austin who believe that how the football coach situation has been handled that he might be out of his depth in austin

    not sure anyone can truly handle that job, but it might be a nice way out for him
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  6. Masks are required in the USSC so he wouldn’t be an option..

    Union of Soviet Socialist California
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  7. I'm sure he will become a Vice President....somewhere.
  8. My company adds a new VP just about every week so maybe I'll see him soon
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  9. Let's start this here CDC and ut to the pac.
  10. Not enough money in the PAC for ut.
  11. Sounds like a good career move for ADJD.
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  12. Never liked Scott. Course not sure I like any of the commissioners, but Scott's the highest paid running the lowest paying conference. Glad he's gone.
  13. Now, what company do you work for? I'm an upper level management recruiter and I would love a piece of that action!
  14. Can I send you my resume? Im definitely upper level management material and I can get a reference from my 19year old shift supervisor. She owes me
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  15. Pics?
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  16. I wasn't a math major, but these numbers didn't look good for the PAC:

    "By comparison, the SEC is headquartered in a 25-year-old, two-story building in Birmingham, Ala. The rent costs the conference $318,000 a year.

    The Big Ten Conference office makes its primary home in suburban Chicago and also, has a satellite office in New York. Annual rent: $1.5 million.

    The Pac-12 Conference headquarters cost the conference $6.9 million in rent in the last reported fiscal year. They’re also carrying $11.7 million in deferred rent."

    Not to mention, he was getting paid $3m and $2m more annually than the secsecsec and B1G commissioners, respectively.

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  18. While that rent is high, even for that location, unless the PAC intends to move its office to somewhere like Arizona, they are going to face signifcantly higher rent than others.

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