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Ladies beat WV 73-60

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 26, 2020.

  1. Good bounce back from the tough loss to Baylor.
  2. I kept flipping over between Grammys commercials and read the score backwards every time until the 2 minute mark. Then I realized, holy crap, they're winning. Should have a good amount of votes tomorrow.
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  3. Wow that’s big time. Really wish they didn’t blow that game against A&M
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    The Fighting Pebleys came out swinging tonight and held home court. Says a lot about their mental toughness to get over that last loss and refocus for a ranked WVU. Still want to see fewer turnovers, particularly from the upper classes, but I like the brand of basketball they play...tough defense.
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  5. I’ll readily admit I don’t really care for women’s basketball but these girls are enjoyable to watch. They get after it.
  6. We have a pretty good team. Should make the NCAA tournament for sure.
  7. ...aaaaaaand the kibosh
  8. Even the best Jeff Mittie teams looked like a terrible 5A boys highschool team would be too much for them. I hadn't watched a women's game in years.

    But for some reason, I felt motivated to watch-- satiated with Kobe coverage and you-know-what, and too lazy to do much more than watch TV. Today's TCU women would take a Mittie TCU team apart, if someone found a crease in space-time so they could schedule a Mittie team. Reasonably physical play from TCU's women.
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  9. We are #23 in Women's RPI and received votes in the AP Poll (essentially #27).
  10. The loss to Middle Tenn at home is hurting. The Tech loss isn't as damaging, but sucks nonetheless. Plus we get to make that one up on the road. Doesn't look like there are too many easy outs in women's hoop this year either.
  11. In the top 23 of the RPI (we are 23rd), the Tech loss is the worst loss of the bunch. We can make it up, but it is a Q3 loss. In the committee room, the Middle Tennessee loss is very respectable, and close to being a Q1 loss as they are #52 in the RPI.
  12. I saw that Texas Tech had an RPI in the 150s, but I figured since the Big 12 is 3rd overall in conference RPI that a Tech win on the road would look better, especially if Tech wins close to 20 games. I saw that Middle Tennessee State has lost several games by one to two points and have a higher RPI. I guess I just really didn't like the way they played that night.
  13. Tech lost by like 8 at Baylor the other day. They have a solid team despite what the rankings say.
  14. We lost to MTSU on the road.

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