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Kudos to game operations

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by campdavid23, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. The game day experience was better than I expected...entry was easy, good safe spacing in the stands for fans, most of the concession open on the west side. Vast majority of people adhered to the mask policies while in the concourses, less than a majority once seated, which was fine with me. Despite the small crowd, plenty of energy and crowd noise. They did a good job today!
  2. I enjoyed the ease of mobility in the stadium with a small crowd, shorter concession lines, less post-game traffic, etc. But I have two big complaints:
    1) Why in the hell did they constantly pump fake crowd noise into the stadium while the game was being played? It sounded to me like it was coming from the north endzone area. I pay good money for season tickets so I can watch big-time college football and hear real noises made by the band, actual fans in the stands, etc. If I wanted to hear fake noises, I'd stay home and play video games.
    2) In the fourth quarter, they sent a young woman employee into our section to yell at people who weren't wearing masks while simultaneously holding up a sign with the same message. My maskless buddy next to me had to pretend to be guzzling his drink non-stop to escape her apparent wrath. All I could think of was that mother in Ohio who got tazed and handcuffed for not wearing a mask at her son's junior high football game. Such COVID craziness.
  3. I thought the spacing of fans was weird. My seats had someone sitting next to me and that was the issue all over my section. Made no sense to me that random tickets sat to each other. Spacing was all kinds of screwed up.
  4. They did a great job IMO. Difficult situation and circumstances. Let’s open it some though. It was like 1977 in there.
  5. I was still waiting on line for temp check but am pretty sure I heard the sad attempt by the GO - FROGS guy so not everything with operations deserves kudos...
  6. Agreed. Thought the setup and flow was well done w all the chaos and adjusted plans this 2020 has forced all of us into. As somebody else mentioned, I thought the pumped in crowd noise just from the jumbotron was off putting. (But there’s all kinds of stories and debate about adding noise or not adding noise across the country in lots of sports. So we aren’t alone in that.)

    Heck my only complaint was that the flags were not at half mast as they should be
  7. Temperature checking is so unbelievably stupid and pointless.
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  8. Missed the 1st five minutes in line doing the temp check. I was surprised the lines were that long.

    By the Q2 my son said screw it with the mask. I had mine around my chin and a hand always on a beer or drink ready to take a sip in case any Karens suddenly appeared. None did. By Q3 several had the masks hanging off their ears. By Q4 we all said screw it.

    Somehow I ended up with ADA seats. Quite comfortable with plenty of leg room.
  9. At least the gate I went through had that assistant AD who's about the hottest 50 yr old I've ever seen. That made it worth it. But, yeah, pointless and stupid overall.
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  10. I walked right in the SW gate about 30 minutes before the game. No one asked me to take a temp check and I didn't see anyone being checked. I thought maybe they canned that. They did look very serious about bag checks though.
  11. What’s the gate number?
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  12. Gate between AGCS and the arena.
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  13. With the band, cheerleaders, and bleacher creatures all banned from the field, the team entry looked and sounded really pedestrian.

    The whole pre-game was not anywhere near high energy for the fans, and didn't look that way for the team, either.

    The pre-game Go Frogs cheer was sad at the best of times last year. It was really pathetic this year, with almost all of the cheer seemingly emanating from the north end zone speaker system. It needs to be relegated in-game commercial breaks.

    (The in stadium crowd noise piped in through the end zone speakers was really weird, too.)

    Glad for the flyover.
  14. Murderers
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  15. You know the drill!
  16. You can refuse the rectal thermometer and ask for a forehead scan instead.
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  17. maybe he asked for it? NTTAWWT

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