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KState QB enters THE PORTAL

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. Timing is everything

  2. Is he a leader? Is he a great locker room guy? Is he athletic? Does Bill Snyder endorse him? Can he throw? Ehh the latter doesn't matter, sign him up!
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  3. What a beating some of you are.
  4. What a beating some of you are.
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  5. scheiss Iowa St
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  6. I was probably one of the biggest Delton fans on the board and backed him up repeatedly in pre-season. Truthfully I'm still a fan and am very grateful he is a part of the team. I like good people wearing TCU and graduating. That being said, I have been proven wrong with my hope of his passing ability and frankly his escape-ability for that matter. So I think it's ok that I mock myself on a college football message board. Sorry if that is such a beating.
  7. I don’t get this shtick.
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  8. It’s a beating.
  9. Fify
  10. If you repeat it enough, it will happen?
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  11. I thought Delton looked solid this past Saturday. Great throw to T Hunt on the deep ball.
  12. What will come out of the portal on the other side, though? That's really the important question.
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  13. Kinda like when you load up on jalapenos, and then ice cream?
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  15. holcombe was recruited by snyder to be a dual-threat qb in the collin klien model. his skills do not fit well in coach klieman's pro-set system. and talk is that he was asked to change positions, so he's transferring.

    i think gary could take him and make a fine tcu qb. the kid is huge. he can run. and his arm is probably good enough for gary's style.

    we'll be interested to see if that's how this flows. or if holcombe moves down a division to someplace like ap state where other k-state transfers have found a home.
  16. holcombe went to summer creek which is basically northeast houston suburb.

    he is going to have to sit a year regardless unless he can prove some hardship and that is going to be tougher in the future.

    one spot is uh with holgerson. dana is going very heavy on transfers, runs a quarterback friendly system, he and his staff are hitting the houston high schools very hard, the kid they have now isn't a world beater, and if king stays at uh he only has one more year.
  17. he could also go the juco route to prove his qb point.
  18. very true, i would be careful where i went though as some of the juco programs aren't much more than places to run kids in and out

    one reason why i would consider if you are going to transfer going to a school that is open to you playing quarterback and learning their system and getting the instruction.

    he will not have played much for 2 years, but playing a year in a bad situation with only 2 years to go might not be much benefit as compared to working in a program and learning their system

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