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Killer Frogs: TCU Football: The Portal Effect – Part Two


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TCU Football: The Portal Effect – Part Two​

In the second of two parts, we look at key players gained from the transfer portal this offseason
With the NCAA Transfer Portal becoming populated with players making moves by the moment, the Frogs looked to attack it quickly to receive some talented players. TCU's new coach, Sonny Dykes, is very familiar and successful with the transfer portal; this is how he completely changed the SMU program. With significant help from fellow KillerFrogs writer David Tucker, we compiled a list of ten players that have affected the team by either transferring in or out of TCU.

This is the second of two parts. In the first part, we looked at key players the TCU football team lost to the transfer portal. In this second part, we look at key players that the team gained.

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