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Killer Frogs: RHP Stoutenborough Transfers To The Frogs


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RHP Stoutenborough Transfers To The Frogs

The grad transfer from the Cal Bears will add an arm to TCU’s roster.

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This week, TCU Baseball picked up a key pitching arm from the transfer portal. Sam Stoutenborough, a grad transfer from the University of California, will join the Frogs for the 2023 season.

The RHP played four years for the Cal Bears but still has an extra year of eligibility due to the pandemic. He graduated in May with a degree in American studies. This past season, he made 17 appearances, including eight starts, for a total of 59.2 innings pitched. He went 2-4 with a 5.58 ERA and a 1.36 WHIP. He had 38 strikeouts and issued just eight walks. He led the Pac-12 and ranked 12th nationally, with an average of 1.21 walks allowed per nine innings.

He started the season as Cal’s 4th starter or their midweek starter. As such, he did not face TCU nor any team in the MLB4 Tournament in Scottsdale that opened the 2022 season for both Cal and TCU. Cal won that tournament going 3-0 with wins over San Diego State, TCU, and Houston.

Read more at https://www.si.com/college/tcu/baseball/rhp-stoutenborough-joins-horned-frogs
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so if he only gave up 8 walks in 59.2 innings and he had a whip of 1.36 he wasn't fooling too many people last year which sounds like a good part of the frogs bullpen

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For the stat number crunchers, which transfer worked out best this year? Who was the worst?
Not his fault but Petrie was probably the worst but ironically that created a positive in that Byrne developed. After that you’d have to remind me who (other then Spenrath) was a non-pitching transfer.

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Our coaches will improve his pitches and he could be a key starter. Has experience just needs to develop more.
Like Bolden, Vail, Walker, and Oliver? I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you because Walker and Bolden became pretty key down the stretch (and that’s one of the reasons that the stretch didn’t last very long). Have we developed Hill? Wright? Brown? I’ll reserve judgment but I’ve not been seeing a lot of evidence of development recently regardless of the pitching coach pedigrees.

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I was thinking pitchers.
In that case I’d guess the “best” would have been Walker but mainly because we got the most innings out of him and he got five wins. The worst I suppose would have been Oliver based on how little production there was and the use that did happen was not good. The wild card for me is Vail. Would have thought he’d have had more use but Augie and River and Krob made up the lefty corps out of the pen so I guess he was squeezed out. Overall, I’d say the transfer pitching group was somewhat serviceable and nowhere close to producing what we needed to make a longer run. Same for legacy staff.