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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, May 14, 2019.

  1. has backed out of his commitment apparently. I thought he signed..:considering the numbers , maybe that is foreshadowing the fact that Bane is now coming back? That would leave us at 13 Ships. Assuming he was pushed out. Anyone know?
  2. i found this though i am not sure who exactly knows what is going on with the basketball roster


  3. Assuming Bane comes back I believe we are now at 13.
  4. if the kid from uta is truly transferring i believe the frogs would be at 14.
  5. poster says committed, AP says signed.
  6. who is the "poster" that says committed?

    as i linked above the tcu website provided the notice of kennedy signing with tcu and states that dixon announced kennedy as a tcu signee.

    possible something has changed and goodness knows what is truly going on right now, but i am curious about the source that kennedy never signed and only committed to tcu.
  7. I have learned to live with the concept of the ever changing rosters. This is a sign of the times in college sports. Players come and go The idea of a school and a player committing to a four year relationship is a thing of the past.

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  8. so tcu releases an announcement that kennedy signed with them on april 19th and now kennedy announces he is de committing and reopening his recruitment about he announced of april 28th that xavier had released him which raises the question what in the hell is going on?

    if he only committed and didn't sign then why announce his signing and if he did sign how in the world is he de-committing, but more importantly what the hell is going on with the basketball program?
  9. Read the OP.
  10. Too bad. I thought he had a bright future. I was thinking the year off to work on his game would be beneficial. I was looking more forward to seeing him play than Dennis but oh well.
  11. I laughed more than I would like to admit...
  12. Sad but true.
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  14. This roster will continue to change throughout the summer. It’s the new age of college basketball. Every team is experiencing it.
  15. As Jerry Seinfeld said, we’re rooting for laundry
  16. I’m starting to remember why my interest level in college basketball isn’t that high.
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  17. Although I was committed to being a "4 year relationship" guy, the coaches told me that I was a "one and done". Maybe I was the first!
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  18. i did and the poster said kennedy de-committed but didn't site a source and tcu, not the ap released a statement back in april that kennedy had signed a loi with tcu.

    helcap gave the needed content by linking the article about byu releasing kids who had signed with the school.

    what makes little sense is why sign a kid and only to release him a few weeks later.

    i guess the explanation is bane is coming back and they want the kid from uta, but aside from being able to play this upcoming season i am not sure what a 6' guard who shot 35% from the floor solves for the frogs next year.

    does anyone know if kennedy has even been on campus this spring?

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