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Kennedy Brooks cleared in Title IX investigation and rejoins the team

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. This is funny. Sooners were so paranoid that he was going to TCU. But it was for something totally different why he wasn't at practice.

    It is good that TCU is living in their heads rent free.
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  2. I’m not sure the Sooners are too worried about TCU. We might want to mix in a win or two.
  3. After the last 3 times we've played...I doubt OU is that worried about us...
  4. Hey now, we’ve got a win!!

    It’s that 2 that’s giving us trouble
  5. That second win was so close in Norman.
  6. We were a couple plays away in 12,13, and 15. Crazy how the narrative would be different if we went 3-1 in that first 4 years instead of 1-3
  7. I've known this young man since birth.
    He is in no way capable of assaulting anyone let alone a female.
    He's the type to break up fights.
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  8. Narrative wouldn’t be the only thing different...We’d most certainly be recruiting at a much higher level
  9. OU Big 12 : TCU Big 12 :: UT SWC : TCU SWC....
  10. They may have forgotten we're even in the conference.
  11. If it’s any consolation OK homer on the local OKC sports station was giving the TCU defense some love. Says this could be one of our best...
  12. If this were a valid defense no one would ever get convicted of a crime. Regardless of his innocence or guilt, being a good person has nothing to do with your ability to commit a crime
  13. Not going for 2, twice, would have helped.
  14. It's not a defense.
    It's who he is.
    He's not a fighter.
  15. True, but the system is predicated on innocence and being innocent until proven otherwise. In alot of male female legal matters, people are WAY too ready to jump on the guy without sufficient evidence.
  16. As soon as I read she elected to file a university report, and not a police report, I assumed that was a bit sketchy.

    If they can prove she lied or fabricated events, she should be kicked out of school.
  17. As far as he and his family are concerned, this is all behind him.
    Simple case of a disgruntled and unstable girlfriend.
    There should be consequences for people who do these types of things.
    I will definitely touch on the subject of female companionship with him.
  18. This almost underplays it. “Disgruntled and unstable girlfriend.” That part is true and it is horrendous to think that there are very minimal consequences for these lying psychopaths.

    One can argue it is easier for a victim of violence to recover than it is for a victim of reputational harm.

    The fact that she will walk away without her name even being mentioned in public is awful. Just like the Tennessee football players from 4 years ago who were found not guilty of rape in 90 minutes. Their lives were put on hold.
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