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Kansas game time

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. Must be hard up for evening programming that day.
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  2. Gonna be cold. Good setup for an upset, unfortunately.
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  3. Heh. "Hey Mabel! We got a night game!"
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  4. Best way to get our staff blown up is to lose to Kansas. Just sayin'.....
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  5. Didn't happen the year we already lost to them... doubt a second time is the charm. Do it three times, GP might consider it...maybe?
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  6. And don't forget, he rehired the OC that went to Kansas, and we held to 16 total yards... SMH.
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  7. Maybe we can leave him up there.
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  8. there is an idea, losing team has to take doug and his play calling
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  9. Your reward is no punishment.

    Old military saying to subordinates for doing the job correctly. Wooden ship times.
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  10. We really need a laugh emoji option.
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  11. The crowd is going to be HUGE!
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  12. Kansas has Texas at home this weekend and you know Herman is gonna go full Mike Leach on them and try and score 100...he needs a laugher for the Big Cigars.

    Some crazy bad stats for KU....KU is 109 outta 126 in Total Defense (Yards per Game) and 125th in Scoring Defense (48 pts per game). We are 92nd in the country in Soring Offense (24 pts game). No news flash but its the battle of a boat offense vs. a real boaty defense. On the other side...we are 51st in Scoring Defense and they are 120th in Scoring Offense.

    Their team stats reminds me of that coach's reaction to his player that 3 F's and a D on his report card..."Looks like he was spending entirely too much time on one subject." Literally this is one of the worst college football teams in history so I fully expect a dogfight next Saturday.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Always tough to win in Lawrence at night.
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  15. Who wins in an upset? Are we sure we will be favored?
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  16. Yea...on Big Monday against Bill Self.
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  17. All things considered, this one has a decent chance to be an absolutely terrible football game.
  18. 20201117_010524.jpg

    Have yall seen how bad Kansas has been getting their ass stomped???

    If we lose this game, it is absolutely time to blow things up. Offensively, defensively, special teams, everything. Maybe even HCGP too.
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  19. No matter how good TCU is or how bad Kansas is, there is always a possibility it can be a close game.

    Thats how we roll against Kansas.
  20. Agree.
    Wins by 14, 10, 4 (2014!), 6 (2015!), 1, 43....Loss by 1 (there)....win by 37.....The big margins came after extremely manurish efforts the previous years....And the lone loss followed a wipeout....

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