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K. Davis is going to be a star

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by PO Frog, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. love his performance the last two games especially. Reminds me of TJ Ford a little bit. Don't have the heart to go read the game thread and I thought he deserved his own mention anyways. Look forward to the next couple of years as he improves, but he has next level quickness and speed.
  2. He reminds me of Prince Fowler.
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  3. My thoughts exactly. I think he’s going to shatter the assist record and is going to be a really good scorer as he continues to develop his jump shot
  4. He's my second favorite player on the team behind Bane. He gives it his all every night. If he works on the shot a little and works on going left, he could be really good. In my mind, he's become our starting PG over the past few games.
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  5. Seems a bit smaller to me

  6. OK fine, he looks more like Cecil.
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  7. definitely see the tj ford comparison especially w how he attacks the bigger defender when he drives to the basket

    once he adds a consistent shot from the free throw out he is going to be a handful for opponents
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  8. I'm a huge fan of his little floater from around the FT line that he has shown a couple times
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  9. I was impressed with how dixon felt comfortable letting the kid work 1 on one in the four low set. It looked like playground ball and it was working. Grimes couldnt guard him
  10. And he doesn't have 7 turnovers per game
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  11. With continued development he could be very special before he is done.
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  12. Yes, exactly.
  13. Great article.
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  14. What a great guy, good story about him.
  15. Wonder if he knew Bushwick Bill?

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