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Joe Brady moving on....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Realtorfrog, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. After Coach O said he was committed and thought he would stay?? Going to be bibs OC!
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  2. 4 seasons ago he was a grad assistant at Penn State.
  3. Losing Brady, Burrow, and most of those receivers could bring LSU back to struggle city to beat Bama in the west.
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  4. He has too. No one can replicate this LSU offensive season. Time to move up while you are hot.
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  5. Jefferson is probably the only WR leaving. The TE coming in will start as soon as he ties his shoes.
  6. will be interesting to see if the offense continues in the pass heavy aggressive style with brady leaving or if there will be some reversion to a more balanced approach
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  7. QB, QB, QB. They will be ok but would not surprise me in the least if they fall back to their norm next year. Replacing that dude with anything close is not going to be easy. He is a special talent.

    Their “norm” is still very good btw.
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  8. My bad. I thought Chase was eligible. Figure Moss will declare for NFL?
  9. Liked for "bibs".
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    Is this LSU team the best college team ever? Won 15 games. They beat six top-10 teams and the top four teams in the preseason AP Top 25, winning the SEC and outscoring the opposition by a combined 55 points in the postseason
  11. A college coach with college coordinators in the NFL. Good luck with that.
  12. They may very well be. They are going to fall off considerably with the loss of talent and Brady/Aranda. Will be a big struggle to beat Bama. It was a perfect storm that's come and gone but what a storm it was.
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  14. LSU loses 9 underclassmen to the draft plus some of the seniors. How's that for talent? Put that talent with their excellent coaching and a National Championship is what you get.

    We have a long, long, way to go.
  15. You don't have to duplicate this LSU team. Just win and get in the playoffs and win by 1.

    If you could duplicate this team great. If not, win another way. This was a special LSU team. Go Frogs!
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  16. I'm not sure that LSU team will, or can be duplicated in the foreseeable future, but yes, win Big 12, make the playoffs, and win by 1 - Go GP and Go Frogs.
  17. While I dont expect anything close to this season, the cupboards are far from bare. They are seeing results in recruiting similar to what Clemson saw after their first CG. The defensive line will be ok with what comes back, the OL, TBD, I dont keep up with that part of depth chart. At WR, the same guys that dropped balls last year, did not this year, they have even more really good ones on the way. No one wanted Jefferson out of HS, the Devonta Smith types that Miles lost all the time, mostly to Alabama, now will stay home. With 9 Jr’s declaring, it leaves them some room for transfer portal action for sure. As for Qb, Brennans arm is much stronger but he has some Duggan issues with touch. No one can replace the cerebral way Burrow played, once in a lifetime, glad it was mine. I know one more thing, LSU blew ALL the “experience” factors off the rails that analysts used over and over, many moons and stars aligned and stayed that way all season.
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  18. Unlikely we ever get to that point. This LSU team was one of the best ever.

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